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This Week in Super Smash Bros.


by Curtis Bonds - February 28, 2014, 6:04 pm PST
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Finishing moves and a new Pokemon show up in this week's Smash roundup!

Welcome to This Week in Super Smash Bros., our weekly recap of the various updates, images, and information regarding the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for Wii U and 3DS. Here's a look at what the game's creator, Masahiro Sakurai, shared with us this week, along with his comments.

Monday, 2/24/14: Diddy Kong (Character mechanic update)

The twin rocketbarrels are back, now with the ability to launch along more horizontal trajectories. They can also come off when opponents hit them mid-boost.

Tuesday 2/25/14: Boxing Ring (Stage info)

There are actually two versions of the boxing ring stage! This ring is the Smash Bros. version…

…and this one is the Punch Out!! W.V.B.A. design. King Dedede really likes fighting in the ring, doesn't he?

Wednesday, 2/26/14: Finishing Moves (Game mechanic)

Now consecutive standard attacks will always transition into a finishing move. This is Fox's finishing kick after his standard combo attack.

Thursday, 2/27/14: Waluigi (Assist Trophy)

Once again, Waluigi's Assist Trophy joins the collection!! …Which also means he's not a playable character. Just because you try hard doesn't mean you'll make it into the battle.

Friday, 2/28/14: Dendenne (Pokeball)

Dedenne's hard at work too.



If Dedenne is as useful in this game as he is in Pokemon XY, we have a new Goldeen.

/bitter Fairy-type trainer

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