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February 18, 2019

Shovel Knight King Of Cards, Amiibo Delayed Switch3DSWiiU

by Donald Theriault - 4:48 pm PST
Total comments: 6 Source: Yacht Club Games

Darn that additional polish.

Yacht Club Games isn't quite free from the 8-bit adventures of Shovel Knight yet.

The company's latest blog update has confirmed that the King Knight pack, Shovel Knight Showdown, and the 3-pack of villain Amiibo (Specter, Plague, and King Knight) has been delayed. Yacht Club cited a desire to ensure the highest quality and ensure all the physical editions required no further patching before the launch.


Nintendo Downloads - February 21, 2019 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:00 am PST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

"Oh, this is gonna be a light week." "Why must you turn this news section into a house of LIES?"

So much for the easy week, huh?

Yeah, I'm never believing that again. I think the list nearly doubled between the Direct and people who think shadowdropping stuff on Thursday/Friday is a good idea.

What's the opening gambit for this week, then?

I've actually been playing this week's big release,...

February 15, 2019

Could A VR-Related Switch Announcement Be Approaching? Rumor

by Emily Rogers - 1:05 pm PST
Total comments: 7

The breadcrumbs have been laid out and sources have told us VR could be coming to Switch soon.

Nintendo World Report believes that Nintendo could make its first VR-related announcement as early as this year, according to multiple sources. We also believe that a small, select number of traditional first-party software titles may receive VR support in the not-so-distant future. While this news... Read more...

February 14, 2019

Hollow Knight's First Paid DLC Is Now A Full-Blown Sequel

by Matthew Zawodniak - 6:54 am PST
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I guess now we can keep saying all of the DLC is free!

The standalone sequel to Hollow Knight, titled Hollow Knight: Silksong, will be releasing on Nintendo Switch.

First promised as a stretch goal for the original Kickstarter campaign, Silksong was originally meant to be a DLC expansion for Hollow Knight. Team Cherry announced today that the scope... Read more...

February 13, 2019

Assassin's Creed III, Liberation Bundle Takes Sail May 21 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 3:50 pm PST
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Direct

File under "the worst kept secret in the business".

Following multiple retailer and self-leaks, we have confirmation of Assassin's Creed III and Liberation on Switch.

The Wii U launch title (AC3) and its 2012 followup (Liberation) will be sold together starting on May 21 as Assassin's Creed III Remastered. Liberation, originally a PlayStation Vita title, will be based on the HD version.


Disney Tsum Tsum Festival On Its Way To Switch Switch

by David Lloyd - 3:36 pm PST
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Another game to enjoy in Tate Mode.

The epically cute Disney Tsum Tsum Festival will be coming to Switch later in 2019. You’ll be performing a myriad of typically Canadian activities such as curling, air hockey, etc with some of your favorite Disney characters. Up to 4 players will be able to compete online and locally, and the game will be a Switch exclusive later this year.


GRID Autosport is Coming to Switch Switch

by Matthew Zawodniak - 3:34 pm PST
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Featuring believable handling!

GRID Autosport was announced for Nintendo Switch in today's Nintendo Direct.

The realistic racing game from Codemasters and Feral Interactive will be coming to Switch this summer. The Switch version will feature all DLC from previous versions. Players will also be able to fully customize their controls and play with motion controls.


Unravel Two Climbs Onto Switch Yarnball March 22 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 3:17 pm PST
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Direct

Did somebody order a EA game?

Yoshi isn't the only creature in the Nintendo sphere who can get woolly.

Unravel Two will be available on the eShop starting March 22. A part of Electronic Arts's partner program, the game features a pair of red and blue creatures named Yarny who try to climb their way through large worlds.

Originally, the game released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after EA's Play conference last June.


Platinum Games Reveals Astral Chain Switch

by John Rairdin - 3:11 pm PST
Total comments: 8 Source: Nintendo Direct

From the ashes of Scalebound come future-cops in battle-shorts!

Platinum has revealed their next Nintendo exclusive title. Astral Chains, a futuristic character action game, is headed to Nintendo Switch on August 30th. Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta) is serving as supervisor and Takahisa Taura (NieR: Automata) is acting as director. In Astral Chains, you take control... Read more...

Deltarune Episode 1 Available February 28 For Free Switch

by Donald Theriault - 3:11 pm PST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo Direct

We don't know about the plot because well, dogs.

The follow-up to Undertale is coming to Switch in two weeks.

Deltarune, the episodic follow-up to Undertale that released on PC late last year, will be available February 28 on Switch. As with the PC version, the first episode will be a free download, though future episodes will be paid.


Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Coming to Switch in Spring Switch

by Matthew Zawodniak - 3:10 pm PST
Total comments: 5

Ninja Theory's award-winning game is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is coming to Nintendo Switch.

A port of the award-winning game from Ninja Theory was announced during today's Nintendo Direct. Hellblade is a fantasy action game starring a protagonist who is suffering from the effects psychosis. The game was developed with the assistance... Read more...

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Coming This Summer Switch

by Bryan Rose - 3:07 pm PST
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo Direct

We now have a timeframe.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has its latest release window.

During today's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the platformer will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. A new trailer has also been released showcasing gameplay:

Originally scheduled for a 2017 release, Bloodstained has been pushed back a number of times, most recently into 2019. Development at one point moved from the Wii U to the Switch.


New Square-Enix RPG, Oninaki, Announced For Switch Switch

by David Lloyd - 3:04 pm PST
Total comments: 1

My schedule will be filled by Square-Enix titles for the foreseeable future.

Announced in the Nintendo Direct is new Square-Enix RPG, Oninaki. Players will take on the role of Kagachi, a Watcher whose job it is to search for lost souls before they manifest into a monster. Kagachi will be able to cross between worlds, entering the realms of the living and dead as he pleases. Oninaki comes to Switch this summer with no solid date confirmed.


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Reveals New DLC, Co-op Update 3DSSwitch

by Donald Theriault - 3:01 pm PST
Total comments: 4 Source: Nintendo Direct

Just what I needed!

The Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be getting an update today and DLC next month.

Today's update will add the ability to play co-op with the second player controlling Captain Toadette. Also available for purchase today is a DLC bundle that will feature 18 new challenges across five worlds.


Boxboy x Boxgirl Releasing April 26 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 2:56 pm PST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo Direct

Turns out the "bye bye" was just to the 3DS.

Boxboy is back, and Boxgirl will be with him.

The HAL-developed puzzle platformer will make its Switch debut on April 26 and will feature a two-player local co-op mode. After completing the more than 270 stages, new stages will unlock featuring the elongated Quby.


Yoshi's Crafted World Demo Now Available Switch

by Donald Theriault - 2:51 pm PST
Total comments: 2 Source: Nintendo Direct

Get an early taste of Yoshi's newest adventure.

Yoshi's Crafted World might be launching next month, but you can play it very soon.

A demo will be available shortly for the March 29 release, which will demonstrate the game's first stage. More of the flipping action of the game was shown in the Direct.


The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Remastered on Nintendo Switch Switch

by John Rairdin - 2:49 pm PST
Total comments: 29 Source: Nintendo Direct

This Wind Fish 'bout to get woke!

Nintendo loves to throw a good "one more thing" at the end of their Directs and today was no different. Capping off today's reveals was a full remake of the GameBoy classic, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Sporting all new 3D visuals in a similar style to Link Between Worlds and what appears... Read more...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Launching July 26: New Limited Edition Announced Switch

by Donald Theriault - 2:47 pm PST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo Direct

The houses are supposed to be at peace, but...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be stirring up the summer.

The newest Fire Emblem title has been confirmed for a worldwide release date of July 26. A limited "Seasons of Warfare" edition with a soundtrack selection CD, calendar, artbook, and steelbook case will be available the same day.

Set...

New Final Fantasy Release Dates: Final Fantasy IX Available Today Switch

by Bryan Rose - 2:47 pm PST
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo Direct

Final Fantasy VII and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon are out in March.

More information regarding release dates for upcoming Final Fantasy titles on Switch was announced during today's Nintendo Direct.

Final Fantasy IX is out today, while Final Fantasy VII will be out on March 26. It will be the Nintendo console debut for both PlayStation-era entries in the long-running series.


Starlink's Spring Update Brings New Star Fox Missions Switch

by Matthew Zawodniak - 2:41 pm PST
Discuss in talkback!

Just what I need to see. Star Wolf.

Starlink's upcoming free update will feature new missions centered around the Star Wolf team.

Star Wolf's Pigma, Leon, and Andrew will be starring as the villains in new story missions revealed in today's Nintendo Direct. The full Star Fox team will also be joining the playable roster of Starlink pilots. Peppy, Falco, and Slippy weren't playable in the base version of the game, but they'll be joining with their own unique abilities.



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