October 24, 2014

National Streetpass Weekend Rises Again 3DS

by Becky Hollada - 5:19 pm PDT
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Nintendo helps gamers around North America make Halloween plans.

Halloween weekend, from October 31 until November 2, North America will see the return of National Streetpass Weekend.

Visit any one of 29,000 Nintendo zone hotspots Friday through Sunday and you will receive up to six Streetpass tags. Collect some new Miis for your Streetpass plaza, some new puzzle pieces, or even get some new enemy tokens to use in Super Smash Bros. 3DS.


October 23, 2014

Here Is the Full Fifty-Fact Extravaganza Regarding Smash Bros. for Wii U WiiU3DS

by Bryan Rose - 5:15 pm PDT
Total comments: 18 Source: Nintendo Direct

Which ones will surprise you the most?

The overall theme to today's Nintendo Direct was regarding Smash Bros. for the Wii U, and all fifty facts (plus a couple of extras!) are listed below. Did you have a good feeling about most of these already, or were you stunned about some of today's reveals? Let us know in the comments below!

1. The fighters in Smash Bros. for 3DS will move over to the Wii U version with the same moves.


Mewtwo, Bowser Jr. Announced for Smash Bros. WiiU3DS

by Bryan Rose - 3:44 pm PDT
Total comments: 13 Source: Nintendo Direct

Mewtwo is on it's way, and Bowser Jr. is bringing along a few friends.

Both Bowser Jr. and Mewtwo will be playable characters in Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Bowser Jr, along with koopalings Wendy, Roy, Iggy, Lemmy, Larry, Ludwig and Morton will all be playable characters in Smash Bros. for Wii U, as they are in Smash Bros. 3DS. Mewtwo will not be part of the game on release... Read more...

Stage Builder Returns to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with a New Twist WiiU

by Justin Berube - 3:40 pm PDT
Total comments: 6 Source: Nintendo Direct

And it looks better than ever.

The Stage Builder is returning to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This time it will be possible to draw custom stages using the Wii U GamePad's touch screen.

In the future it will also be possible to share created stages with others.


Smash Tour Revealed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

by Justin Berube - 3:27 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Nintendo Direct

Those board game rumors were true.

Smash Tour has been revealed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Smash Tour is a board game-like mode that takes the place of the 3DS version's Smash Run.

Smash Tour has players moving around different boards, collecting powers, and beefing up their characters to prepare for a final battle.

Stay tuned to this page for more details.


Eight Player Mode Revealed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U WiiU

by Justin Berube - 3:09 pm PDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Nintendo Direct

A new multiplayer option is here!

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will support up to eight players battling at once.

While this is great news, there are some drawbacks. When playing with more than four players, the number of selectable stages does drop. Also, more than four players at once will not be supported online.


Nintendo Download - October 23, 2014 3DSWiiUDS

by Bryan Rose - 12:11 pm PDT
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Bayonetta! Pokémon! Castlevania! It's all here!

For the first time in weeks, it looks like the Download is packed! Both Bayonetta games finally make their way to the Wii U. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow continues the big month of Castlevania re-releases. Shantae makes her return, Fantasy Life has arrived, and finally Pokémon: Art Academy is finally... Read more...

October 22, 2014

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Sells Big in North America

by Curtis Bonds - 10:23 am PDT
Total comments: 15 Source: Nintendo

Hardware sales for 3DS also see an uptick.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS managed to sell over 705,000 copies in its first two days on North American shelves.

Despite launching on October 3, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS managed to push enough copies to become the fourth best-selling SKU in September's NPD sales chart. 135,000 of those copies were sold digitally through Nintendo's eShop, which accounts for over 19% of the sales.


October 21, 2014

New Track Announced for Mario Kart 8 GCWiiUDS

by Neal Ronaghan - 7:01 pm PDT
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A Mario Kart: Double Dash!! track is a part of the upcoming DLC pack.

Yoshi Circuit from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is coming to Mario Kart 8's first DLC pack, which is out in November. Yoshi Circuit also appeared in Mario Kart DS.

The pack includes eight new courses, three new characters, and four new karts. The new characters are Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach.... Read more...

Six Ways to Get Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby Demo 3DS

by John Rairdin - 9:12 am PDT
Total comments: 13 Source: Nintendo

Putting it on the eShop is just too easy.

Apparently Nintendo really enjoyed the early demos they gave away for Smash Bros. 3DS, because they're doing it all over again. To build hype for the upcoming release of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, Nintendo is distributing a free, though somewhat hard to get, early demo. Unlike the Smash Bros. demo, Nintendo is offering six different ways to acquire the new Pokémon demo.

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