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April 24, 2019

Nintendo Downloads - April 25, 2019 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:00 am PDT
Source: Nintendo

I wanted to use this part to crow about slaying a dragon, but the Leafs blew it (as usual, sorry David).

Hey, you're late again.

Blame multiple failed attempts at dragon slaying. Speaking of, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of the week's headliners, and I reviewed that already. There's also SteamWorld Quest (of which Jordan has a review), the ridiculously large Mortal Kombat 11, Boxboy X Boxgirl... it's a huge week.


April 23, 2019

Doraemon Story Of Seasons Harvesting Fall Release On Switch Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:46 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Bandai Namco

The rights for this one ought to be a blast.

The crossover of farming and anime cats was stunning enough when it was announced in February, but now it's being localized.

Bandai Namco will be publishing Doraemon Story of Seasons on Switch this fall. The Marvelous/Bandai Namco collaboration was originally announced in the Japanese version of February's Nintendo Direct for a June release there.


Puyo Puyo Champions And Shakedown Hawaii Both Launch May 7 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:37 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Sega, vBlank Entertainment

Which is more shocking?

May 7 just got a jolt of retro action and high-speed puzzling.

Sega struck first for May 7 with the release of Puyo Puyo Champions, a localized version of the recently releases Puyo Puyo eSports in Japan. The competitive version of Sega's nearly 30 year old puzzle franchise will release for US$9.99 or equivalent.


Switch Revision Launching in June? RumorSwitch

by Donald Theriault - 6:57 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Bloomberg

Sounds like something you'd want to make Mario with.

The oft-rumored first revision of the Switch may be hitting very soon.

In a preview story ahead of Nintendo's annual financial results scheduled for Thursday, Bloomberg sources indicated that a "new, cheaper version" of the Switch would launch shortly according to two cited anonymous sources. One source later specified a June target for this revision, with a second, "modest" upgrade to the existing model coming later in the year.


Nintendo Sales Panic: March 2019 US NPD Group Results Switch3DS

by Donald Theriault - 6:47 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: NPD Group

Including a change of rules that brought Rabbid Peach back to the charts.

The US sales survey from the NPD Group for March saw a strong month for Switch hardware and the usual solid performances on the software end.

All rankings quoted are for dollar figures, in the US only, from March 3 to April 6.

The hardware rankings saw the Switch as the best selling console... Read more...

April 18, 2019

Ten More Games Announced For Genesis Mini

by Donald Theriault - 6:38 pm PDT
Total comments: 10 Source: Sega

Featuring Sega themselves, Konami... and a monopoly.

Sega has now unveiled half of the lineup for the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini.

The second set of 10 games is:

Earthworm Jim Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Contra Hard Corps Streets of Rage 2 Thunder Force III Super... Read more...

Final Four Games And Release Date Announced For Castlevania Anniversary Collection Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:30 pm PDT
Total comments: 5 Source: Konami

The games we previously thought were excluded? They're heeeeeeere.

With today's release of the Konami Arcade Anniversary Collection, Konami has revealed the rest of the lineup for the upcoming Castlevania Collection.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, the Castlevania Collection received a May 16 release date, as well as the final four games for the collection.... Read more...

WayForward, Arc System Works Teaming Up For River City Girls Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:09 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: WayForward

So would this be called Kunia-Kun in Japan?

WayForward has announced a new collaboration that will give a new twist to a classic franchise.

The Shantae developers will be developing a new game called River City Girls in partnership with Arc System Works. No release window or platforms were given for the project, but more details are expected later this year.


April 17, 2019

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Physical Switch Now Available In North America

by Perry Burkum - 7:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback!

Coming to Europe next month.

inXile Entertainment announced this morning that Wasteland 2: Director's Cut for the Nintendo Switch is finally available to purchase at retail (in North America) for $29.99 USD/$39.99 CAD. The European release is scheduled to come out next month on May 17th.

“Many of our fans have old school...

April 16, 2019

Joker DLC, Smash 3.0 Launching Tomorrow SwitchMobi

by Donald Theriault - 6:50 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo

"We will steal your heart without fail. - The Phantom Thieves"

Smash is getting a massive update tomorrow that includes DLC Pack 1 and a host of new features.


Joker attacks with knives and kicks, with his gun as a neutral special that can be rapid fired, a grappling hook with Up+B, Eiha (light damage + poison) side+B, and down+B uses Rebel's Guard to... Read more...

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Snags July 19 Infinity Stone Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:10 am PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Nintendo

Nintendo trying to snap up all the system sales for July.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has slid into an incredibly crowded July.

The Team Ninja developed co-op RPG will release on July 19, according to a post from the Nintendo of Canada Twitter account that also includes the game's box art.

The search for the Infinity Stones is on. @MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order comes exclusively to #NintendoSwitch on 7/19! #MUA3 pic.twitter.com/IbFNNPv8Ti


Nintendo Downloads - April 18, 2019 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 5:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

Listen to my story... of why the week's priciest game caused a day's delay.

Man, Jersey traffic sucks. Anyway, what's up for this week?

The big ones - both in file size and play time - fall to Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, which mark the beginning of OH GOD ALL OF THE RPGS for Switch that won't abet until the calendar flips over. Note that the eShop version includes both games,... Read more...

April 15, 2019

Switch System Software 8.0 Launches With New Features Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:35 pm PDT
Total comments: 11 Source: Nintendo

Hoping to see one good stability GIF and one request for folders in the comments.

The Switch system software has updated, and it's more than just stability.

Version 8.0 is available now in the eShop, along with a Joy-Con update. The list of features added includes:

The ability to sort "All Software" by publisher, time played, last played, or title A new transfer ability for... Read more...

April 12, 2019

6 New Super Rare Games Announced

by Perry Burkum - 10:37 am PDT
Discuss in talkback!

Featuring RPGs, Puzzlers and Shoot 'Em Ups

Super Rare Games has announced 6 of their next physical releases for the Nintendo Switch, introducing their first JRPG and a special 2-game combo pack.

The upcoming titles included are:

#1-2: Toki Tori & Toki Tori 2+ "Back in 2001, Two Tribes created the puzzle game Toki Tori for the Gameboy... Read more...

April 11, 2019

God Eater 3 Announced For Switch With Preorder Exclusive Content Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:04 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Bandai Namco

If July wasn't busy enough for you, maybe you'd like to go hunting for 40 hours or so?

A series Nintendo fans may only know from a crossover game is finally making its full Nintendo debut this summer.

God Eater 3, the most recent title in Bandai Namco's multiplayer hunting series, will release on Switch worldwide July 12 (barring Japan who get the game on the 11th). Players will... Read more...

Star Wars Pinball Coming To Switch With Physical Release Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:54 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Zen Studios

Star Wars? That's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

It'll be thirty months from launch before Star Wars makes the Switch run.

Zen Studios have announced Star Wars Pinball will release on Switch on September 13, in both digital and physical forms. The 19 table collection covers the movies, TV shows, and even specific characters such as a Lando Calrissian-inspired table.


April 10, 2019

Ai: The Somnium Files Details Investigation System Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:08 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Spike Chunsoft

You'll have to investigate quickly.

Spike Chunsoft has released new details about their upcoming detective story Ai: The Somnium Files.

Psychic detective Kaname, the player character, must dive into the dreams of others in order to solve real world mysteries. Mental blocks are puzzles that obscure the truth, and any action Kaname takes while exploring dreams will draw down a six minute time limit.


Whipseey Snaps Into Switch This Summer Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:49 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Blowfish Studios

...would this be a Kirbyvania?

The third quarter will feature some bright whipping action.

Whipseey, the debut commercial release from developer Daniel Ramirez, has been scheduled for release in Q3 (July - September) by publisher Blowfish Studios. The 2D platformer stars the titular Whipseey, who uses a whip on their head to attack enemies, swing from points in the environment, and even extend jumps by twirling it like a helicopter.


Catan Launching On Switch June 20 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:19 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Asmodee Digital

How much wood would you trade for an eShop card?

Settling the land will get a bit easier in June.

The Switch version of Catan that was announced last year finally received a release date today: June 20. Pricing was not released, but the previous Asmodee Digital-published board game, Carcassone, launched December 6 in North America at a US19.99 price tag.


Kid Icarus Receives SP Mode In NES Online Update Mobi

by Donald Theriault - 7:12 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

Now you see why the difficulty curve is more of a gentle slope.

This month's NES Online update includes the ability to be just a little godlike.

In addition to the previously announced updates, today's update added a SP version to Kid Icarus. The special version provides the game's Three Sacred Treasures - Wings of Pegasus, Arrow of Light, and Mirror Shield - and starts out in the final stretch before Medusa.



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