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July 18, 2019

Comedy Action Title Roguelike Hero Announced For Switch

by Donald Theriault - 9:00 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: X.D. Network

No release date for the latest game from the folks who brought you Muse Dash.

The follow up to Muse Dash has been announced with a to-be-determined Switch release.

Roguelike Hero is an action title that takes inspiration from the comedy of Stephen Chow. Each area is a randomly generated movie set, and starting as an extra the goal is to become a star through increasingly bizarre actions.


Nintendo Sales Party: June 2018 US NPD Group Results 3DSSwitch

by Donald Theriault - 6:31 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: NPD Group

If this was a Canadian chart, the world champion Toronto Raptors would have NBA 2k19 at #1.

In terms of American software chart dominance, June 2019 may be the best month the Switch has ever had.

All rankings based on dollar sales from June 2 - July 6, unless indicated.

For the sixth straight month, the Switch was the leading platform in the United States, and remains the only platform to be up year over year in the monthly comparison. Video game hardware collectively was down by a third compared to last June's report.


Upcoming Free and Paid DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance Detailed

by Neal Ronaghan - 2:16 pm PDT
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Colossus and Cyclops will be free updates, while Moon Knight and Punisher headline the paid Marvel Knights pack.

More characters were revealed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 at the Marvel Games panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con.

The highlight is that Colossus and Cyclops, two mainstays of the X-Men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, will be coming as free DLC on August 30. Additionally, four... Read more...

Super Mega Baseball 2 To Be Called Up To Switch Next Week Switch

by Donald Theriault - 9:25 am PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Metalhead Software

Touch 'em all, Metalhead Software: you'll never hit a bigger home run in your life.

We can scratch one of our Most Wanted Switch Ports off the list for 2019.

Super Mega Baseball 2, the hit arcade-style baseball simulation from Canadian developers Metalhead Software, will finally release on Switch next Thursday for US$29.99. The Switch version will include all of the DLC for the game that previously released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Strategy RPG Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark Storms To Switch August 14 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: 1C Entertainment

The Switch is really taking points in tactical RPGs.

One of the year's most beloved RPGs is coming to Switch next month.

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark will launch on Switch August 14, and the game will be preloadable in the eShop on the 1st. Players will be able to customize their troops in both appearance and tactics as they attempt to keep peace in the land of Teora.


July 17, 2019

Streets Of Rage 4 Taps All-Star Sound Team Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:29 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: DotEmu

We don't know if this is coming to Switch, but with this lineup some of us may be desperate for it.

A fourth Streets of Rage is in development, and the soundtrack is going to be a scorcher.

The first new Streets of Rage side scroller in almost 30 years has announced its slate of music composers. Yuzo Koshiro (Etrian Odyssey, Streets of Rage 1-3) will be joined by Yoko Shimomura (Super Mario RPG,... Read more...

Not Tonight Coming To Switch With Take Back Control Edition Later This Year Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:16 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: No More Robots

Sorry mate, Switch means Switch.

Much like the real thing, the post-Brexit adventure Not Tonight should arrive soon.

Announced last year for a 2018 release on Switch and PC, the Switch version of Not Tonight is now expected to launch in the next few months according to publisher No More Robots. Due to the delay, the Switch release will now include the "One Love" DLC and will be known as the Take Back Control edition.


Luigi's Mansion 3 Treating Switch Owners To October 31 Release Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:06 am PDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo

And to quote the Smash announcer, hopefully: "Gooigi".

Luigi's Mansion 3 has scored the perfect release date.

The ghost-hunting game will launch in all territories on Hallowe'en, October 31. A new trailer is also available:

When Luigi’s friends go missing on vacation, it’s up to our reluctant hero to save them... Read more...

Nintendo Announces Switch Revision With Better Battery, New Joy-Con Colors Switch

by Donald Theriault - 5:33 am PDT
Total comments: 7 Source: Nintendo

The Lite doesn't mean the OG is gone yet.

The Switch is getting a stealth upgrade in Japan next month.

Nintendo have announced a revision of the existing Switch hardware for release in Japan on August 29. Retailing for ¥29,800, the revised Switch will feature a minimum battery life of 4.5 hours in handheld mode with a potential maximum of 9 hours.


July 16, 2019

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Announced , Launching October 29 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:33 pm PDT
Total comments: 2 Source: Sega

Next time you get a monkey's paw, stick to turkey sandwiches.

Sega is rolling out an early Wii game for the Switch this fall.

Following ratings in Taiwan and other territories, Sega officially confirmed Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD for release on October 29. The remake will carry a US$39.99 price tag and, for reasons unclear, Sega have advised of a ESRB E10+ rating.


Resident Evil 5 And 6 Scare Up October 29 Release Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:21 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Capcom

Plus news on how to get the inevitable: a physical Resident Evil 4.

Capcom will finish the year with five Resident Evils on Switch.

Resident Evil 5 and 6, announced for Switch release at E3, will release on the eShop October 29 for US$29.99 or equivalent. These prices are consummate with May's RE releases.

On the same day, a Resident Evil Triple Pack containing 4, 5, and 6 will release for Switch. This collection will offer 4 on a Switch card and codes for 5 and 6, with a MSRP of $59.99.


Tetris 99 Receiving Physical Release September 6 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:11 pm PDT
Total comments: 1 Source: Nintendo

As your humble News Editor got his Maximus this past weekend, he's good.

There was a gap in the September release schedule for Nintendo, but they've dropped in the I block to fill it.

A physical version of Tetris 99 will release in North America on September 6. Included in the package will be the game, the "Big Bang" DLC, and 1 year of Nintendo Switch Online. The package will retail for US$29.99/C$39.99, or roughly the cost of the year + DLC.


July 15, 2019

Nintendo Downloads - July 18, 2019 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 5:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Nintendo

"WHEN'S MAHVEL?" "It's Friday, now shut up."


If there's one thing I've learned from Roger, the Stan Lee Experience (RIP) it's that you called DC fans douchebags. But yes, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the week's big game... and from what I've played of it, the fanservice is off the charts.

Anything smaller to watch for?

Etherborn,...

July 12, 2019

Miles & Kilo Headed To The 3DS Later This Year

by Perry Burkum and Casey Gibson - 8:52 am PDT
Total comments: 1

Four Horses announces port to the 3DS on the latest episode of the Talk Nintendo Podcast.

It was revealed during episode 147 of the Talk Nintendo Podcast that Miles & Kilo will be headed to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Mick Waites of Four Horses, who is handling the port, informed us that the game will have stereoscopic 3D while running at 60fps. The retro platformer was released on the Nintendo Switch last year, but will make it's debut on the 3DS sometime later this year.


July 11, 2019

RISE: Race The Future Re-Emerging July 22 Switch

by Donald Theriault - 8:36 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: VD-Dev

This one is a long time coming.

A game announced for the NX will finally hit Switch a week from Monday.

Rise: Race The Future, which was originally announced in 2016 as a title for NX in addition to 3DS and Wii U, will finally reach the Switch on July 22. The 3DS and Wii U versions have been cancelled.

The developers of Rise are perhaps best known for creating the realistic 3DS multiplayer shooter Ironfall.


Lost Orbit Shows Off New Foes, Gets Launch Discount Switch

by Donald Theriault - 6:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: PixelNauts

A little less costly to go to SPAAAAAAAAACE

When Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity releases next week, it won't just be debris to dodge.

A new trailer for the game shows a group of space pirates, who will harass the astronaut as they attempt to get home.

Lost Orbit releases on July 16, and it will be 10% off from now until the 24th of July.


July 10, 2019

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Sees Permanent eShop Price Cut, Complete Edition Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:59 pm PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Sega

Let fly the dogs of war.

The price of entry has plummeted for a Switch strategy titan.

Valkyria Chronicles 4, which was 50% off as part of a sale on the eShop for the last week, has had the sale price made permanent. The game's eShop MSRP is now US$29.99/C$39.99, and a Complete Edition with all of the game's DLC is now US$49.99/C$64.99. Existing owners can get all of the DLC in one bundle for US$24.99 or equivalent.


Trine Ultimate Collection Hitting Switch Retail This Fall Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:09 pm PDT
Total comments: 3 Source: Nintendo

Wizards unite, and this time they can ALL be named.

In honor of its 10th anniversary, there will be a single package for all your Trine needs.

Modus Games and Frozenbyte have confirmed that the Trine Ultimate Collection will receive a Switch retail release this fall. In addition to having the whole series to date, the Ultimate Collection will include... Read more...

Stranded Sails Raising Anchor For October Release Switch

by Donald Theriault - 7:00 am PDT
Discuss in talkback! Source: Merge Games

Farming takes to the high seas.

This October will offer a chance to try aquatic farming on Switch.

Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands, a popular PC overhead farming sim set on an archipelago, will be available in October. A physical version, including a special "signature edition" will also be available from Merge Games.


Nintendo Working On Solution For Transferring Game State Between Switch And Switch Lite

by Donald Theriault - 5:40 am PDT
Total comments: 8 Source: CNET

Aside from the cloud saves.

There are some hoops to jump through to have games on multiple Switch consoles, but Nintendo is aiming for a more elegant solution.

In an interview with CNET, Doug Bowser was asked about the portability of games for the system, specifically about taking a game on the road.

"I could see myself...


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