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TalkBack / New Switch Firmware Adds Support For Bluetooth Audio
« on: September 14, 2021, 04:14:31 PM »

No mics, no folders, but still a major boost.

A new version of Switch system software has added far more than stability.

The version 13 update, available now, has activated support for Bluetooth audio. A list of restrictions for using the headphones can be found on Nintendo's support page, but the major ones are only one headset can be active at a time and using headsets limits the available controllers to two wireless ones (eg: one set of Joy-Cons).

Other features in the update include an option for upgrading firmware on the docks that will come with the Switch OLED, and an option to restrict internet access to a system when in sleep mode for additional battery savings. By default, the latter setting maintains the internet connection fully (for background downloading).

TalkBack / Nintendo Sales Panic: August 2021 US NPD Group Results
« on: September 14, 2021, 04:07:03 PM »

Can the Switch hang onto its US unit lead in a month with so many hard hitters on other platforms?

A lot of hard hitters for PC and other consoles came out in August, but the Switch is still all over the NPD's latest sales survey.

All totals based on US sales estimates from August 1 - 28, ranked by revenue unless otherwise noted. Nintendo does not supply digital sales to the NPD survey, though third parties have the option.

Hardware saw the Switch as the best selling console in the United States by units, its streak in this department now reaching 33 months. The PlayStation 5 was the top money maker in hardware, sold at $200 more than the comparable Switch system ($199/$399 Switch Lite/digital PS5, $299/$499 standard Switch/disc PS5).

The most marketed release of August that the NPD would track is No More Heroes 2 from Marvelous, which was co-marketed with Nintendo, but it did not crack the top 20. Madden NFL took its traditional August victory. The top Nintendo first party title in the top 20 was Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in 6th, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD held in 7th following its top slot performance in July.

Other Nintendo games in the top 20 were Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (11th), Animal Crossing: New Horizons (14th), Pokemon Sword/Shield (15th), Super Mario 3D World (17th), The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (18th), Mario Golf: Super Rush (19th), and Super Mario Party (20th). Minecraft (8th, #10 on Switch) and Mortal Kombat 11 (16th) retained their slots in the top 20 as the third party Switch titles in the top 20.

The September report will feature the launch of NBA 2k22, as well as WarioWare: Get It Together's launch month.


A logical move unless you're planning to trade the old one in to upgrade.

The trade price of the Switch is dropping across Europe as we move toward the OLED in a few weeks.

Nintendo have confirmed a reduction in the trade price (price paid by retailers) of the Switch, and the price when buying directly from a regional Nintendo store has been reduced to €269.99 (down €60) in Europe and £259.99 (down £20) in the United Kingdom. As Nintendo of Europe does not set recommended retail prices other retailers may go lower, but Amazon's European branches are matching the Nintendo price.

In a statement to Video Games Chronicle, NoE cited improved exchange rates and the need to differentiate between the Switch (regular) and Switch OLED as the reasons for the reduction.

Although Nintendo of America has not confirmed a price drop of the Switch for the United States market, Canadian retailers yesterday began selling the Switch for C$379.99 with no defined end date: this was the price the system launched at before increasing to $399.99 when the Switch chipset was revised in August 2019.

TalkBack / Nintendo Downloads - September 16, 2021
« on: September 13, 2021, 04:51:41 AM »

What treats potentially await for my brother's birthday?

It took several weeks, but we finally have our hot skateboarding game for 2021 - yes, Skatebird is 900ing into our hearts this week, and I for one can't wait to shred with the sparrows. It's quite a busy one - as is most weeks on Switch - with retail privileges afforded to the... president of the United States following a nuclear bomb?... in Ni no Kuni II (and this sentence is more of a push than Bandai Namco has given it since it was announced), and the stylus-packing Colors Live.

The other big theme of the week is veterans of past presentations - in addition to Skatebird (Indie World Dec 2019), we have Eastward (last month's Indie World "one more thing"), Toem (last month) and Cruis'n Blast (June Nintendo Direct). Wouldn't it be a hoot if we get one of those this week? If Ni no Kuni II isn't filling your "furry themed strategy" needs, there's also Tails of Iron - toss a coin to your Witcher - and Barnum/Bailey not included in The Amazing American Circus. Throw in former Minecraft port house's survival title Project Winter, and... well, hope you get some vacation time before the end of the year.

Among the releases in Japan that I'm watching for - though it probably won't be here until 2023 - is "Charade Maniacs", which has Idea Factory/Otomate taking a stab at social deduction (with a lot of attractive dudes). BanG Dream Girls is also published by Bushiroad, who you might now better as the owners of Japanese women's wrestling promotion Stardom - and its spear counterpart, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

North America

Switch Retail

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (US$59.99/C$79.99: Friday)

Colors Live ($29.99/$34.99: Tuesday)

Switch eShop

Cruis'n Blast ($39.99/$49.99: Tuesday)

Metallic Child ($29.99/not releasing)

Eastward ($24.99/$28.99)

Tails of Iron ($24.99/$29.99: Friday)

Flynn: Son of Crimson ($19.99/$26.59: Wednesday)

Beyond Enemy Lines: Remastered Edition ($19.99/$26.59)

Skatebird ($19.99/$26.59)

The Amazing American Circus ($19.99/$26.59)

Project Winter ($19.99/$25.00)

Toem ($19.99/$26.59: Friday)

Razion EX ($19.95/$25.95)

Catlateral Damage: Remoewstered ($14.99/$19.99: Wednesday)

Squabble ($14.99/$12.99: Saturday)

Elva the Eco Dragon ($12.99/$21.30)

Between Time: Escape Room ($9.99/$12.99: Wednesday)

Murder Diaries ($9.99/$13.99)

Nexomon ($9.99/$13.29: Friday)

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em ($5.99/$7.99)

Mindcell ($5.00/$6.65: Wednesday)

Titan Chaser ($4.99/$5.99: Wednesday)

Push-Ups Workout ($4.99/$5.99)

Dojoran ($4.99/$5.99: Friday)

Galactic Invasion ($3.99/$5.99: Friday)

Love Colors ($3.99/$4.99: Friday)

Sales and Price Drops

Highlights: Cities: Skylines is 75% off until the 17th and various Star Wars are half off until the 24th. PSPrices, DekuDeals, @eShopNotifier


Switch Retail

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (€59.99/£49.99: Friday)

RiMS Racing (€49.99/£44.99)

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions (€34.99: Monday/3 Sept release)

Colors Live (€29.99/£24.99: Tuesday)

Switch eShop

Cruis'n Blast (€39.99/£34.99: Tuesday)

Eastward (€24.99/£21.99)

Metallic Child (€24.99/£19.99)

Tails of Iron (€24.99/£21.99: Friday)

Flynn: Son of Crimson (€19.99/£17.99: Wednesday)

Beyond Enemy Lines: Remastered Edition (€19.99/£17.99)

The Amazing American Circus (€19.99/£17.99)

Razion EX (€19.95/£17.95)

Toem (€17.99/£16.19: Friday)

Squabble (€14.99/£13.49: Friday)

Catlateral Damage: Remoewstered (€12.99/£11.99: Wednesday)

Elva the Eco Dragon (€12.99/£11.69)

Murder Diaries (€9.99/£9.99)

Nexomon (€9.99/£7.99: Friday)

Dojoran (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)

Office Simulator (€4.99/£4.49: Sunday)

Earth Marines (€4.99/£4.49: Friday)

Titan Chaser (€4.99/£3.99: Wednesday)

Mindcell (€4.30/£4.00: Wednesday)

Galactic Invasion (€3.99/£3.99: Friday)


SINce Memories Under The Starry Sky (¥7700)

BanG Dream Girls Band Party (¥7678)

Charade Maniacs (¥7150)

Spacebase Startopia (¥6578)

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (¥6380)

Cruis'n Blast (¥4390)

Metallic Child (¥3980)

Colors Live (¥3495)

Eastward (¥2680)

Amamane 2 (¥2420)

Project Winter (¥2350)

The Amazing American Circus (¥2350)

Toem (¥2180)

Predator And Wreck (¥1990)

Catlateral Damage: Remoewstered (¥1650)

Sky Racket (¥1520)

Elva the Eco Dragon (¥1170)

Evergate (¥1100)

Murder Diaries (¥999)

Escape from the Fortress Prison (¥990)

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Texas Hold'em (¥600)


So many bricks, so little room.

The Nintendo-LEGO collaboration has produced a new block.

A new set was announced today that takes the form of a giant ? block which opens to reveal versions of stages from Super Mario 64. The collection will be a LEGO Store exclusive starting on October 1, with other retailers following in 2022, and the set will retail for US$169.99 or equivalent.

Stages include the famous castle and Bob-omb Battlefield, while the characters will be represented by "microfigures".


One spinoff, one standalone title this time.

NIS America is bringing back another pair of older RPGs next spring.

The doods have announced Prinny Presents: NIS Classics Volume 2 for a spring 2022 release. The pair of titles included in this pack are:

  • Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound is a remastered version of a 2005 PlayStation 2 title, with expanded content from a 2011 PlayStation Portable re-release. A spinoff of Disgaea, the main character Zetta is forced to bind his soul to a book in order to save his realm from destruction.
  • ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman is an original title released on PSP in 2011. The chapter-based game features Mystery Dungeon-style exploration of dungeons where the level resets on entry, but total levels gained are added to a "base level", with a turn-based fight in the style of games from Dragon Quest to a high-end RPG at the end of each chapter.

As is standard NIS America policy, a limited edition is available from their online store for $99.99 US which includes a soundtrack, hardcover artbook, and coin set.

TalkBack / Nintendo Downloads - September 9, 2021
« on: September 06, 2021, 04:00:00 AM »

A week headlined by an organization that's all about the money, and also WarioWare.

...I can't help but think that this list is going to end up radically expanding by the end of the week, but it's already pretty busy. WarioWare: Get it Together is the headliner of course, with the first WarioWare to have original microgames since Wario said "screw it, you make it" on the original DS. Author appeal comes in the form of the high-key Olympia Soiree which will get about 500 Norwegian kroner out of me, and on the low-key NBA 2K22 if I can afford the over 9000GB it'll inevitably require. There's also Sonic Colors Ultimate, which... well, it has been patched but that's apparently not helping.

The download space is probably headlined by a game I've been misspelling the subtitle for in BloodRayne: Fresh Bites, but we all know the true banger is Espgaluda II (from the folks what brought you Mushihimesama). There's also Dice Legacy for those who prefer a little gaming in their RPGs but don't want to deal with a children's card game and another modern take on the old PC game Boulder Dash.

Japan gets Ys IX: Monstrum Nox a fair bit later than the rest of the world.

North America

Switch Retail

NBA 2K22 (US$59.99/C$79.99: Friday)

Olympia Soiree ($49.99/$66.49)

WarioWare: Get It Together! ($49.99/$64.99: Friday)

Sonic Colors Ultimate ($39.99/$53.49: Tuesday)

Switch eShop

Lost in Random ($29.99/$39.99: Friday)

Ultra Age ($29.99/$39.89)

Dice Legacy ($19.99/$26.99)

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites ($19.99/$26.59)

Espgaluda II ($19.99/$26.59)

Mystik Belle Enchanted Edition ($19.99/not releasing)

Residual ($19.99/$24.99)

Hindsight 20/20 - Wrath of the Raakshaka ($14.99/$19.94)

Lovekami -Healing Harem- ($14.99/$19.94)

Smashing the Battle: Ghost Soul ($14.99/$19.94)

Boulder Dash Deluxe ($14.99/$18.99)

Knights and Guns ($14.99/$19.95: Friday)

Highschool Romance ($12.99/$17.99)

Frontier Quest ($11.99/$13.49: Wednesday)

Idle Inventor - Factory Tycoon ($10.99/$12.99: Monday)

Apple Knight ($9.99/$13.29)

Tux and Fanny ($9.99/$12.99)

Momolu and Friends ($9.99/$12.99: Friday)

Smash Reversi ($9.00/not released)

Luna's Fishing Garden ($7.99/$10.49)

From Earth to Heaven ($6.99/$9.99)

Enchanted Path ($4.99/$6.64: Monday)

Casino Roulette Royal ($4.99/$6.64)

Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle 2 ($4.99/$6.64)

GLO ($4.99/$6.49)

Love Choice ($4.99/$6.99: Friday)

Beat Them All ($4.99/$6.99: Saturday)

Red Square Escape 2 ($3.99/$4.99: Monday)

Puzzle Car ($3.99/$4.99)

Ball Physics: Draw Puzzles ($3.49/$4.49: Friday)

Puzzle & Chess ($1.00/$1.33)

Switch Archives

Pop Flamer ($7.99/$9.87)

Sales and Price Drops

Highlights: As part of the 505 Games anniversary sale (running until Friday) Journey to the Savage Planet is 60% off, and Civilization VI is on STEEP discount (70% off) until Wednesday. PSPrices, DekuDeals, @eShopNotifier


Switch Retail

NBA 2K22 (€59.99/£49.99: Friday)

Olympia Soiree (€49.99/£44.99)

WarioWare: Get It Together! (€49.99/£39.99: Friday)

Sonic Colors Ultimate (€39.99/£34.99: Tuesday)

Switch eShop

Ultra Age (€29.99/£26.99)

RICO: London (€29.99/£24.99)

Lost in Random (€29.99/£24.99: Friday)

BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites (€19.99/£17.99)

Dice Legacy (€19.99/£15.99)

Residual (€19.99/£17.99)

Espagluda II (€16.99/£15.29)

Knights and Guns (€14.99/£13.49: Friday)

Boulder Dash Deluxe (€14.99/£12.99)

LoveKami -Healing Harem- (€13.99/£12.59: Wednesday)

Highschool Romance (€12.99/£12.99: Wednesday)

Hindsight 20/20 - Wrath of the Raakshaka (€12.6/£11.29)

Frontier Quest (€9.99/£9.29: Wednesday)

Apple Knight (€9.99/£8.99: Wednesday)

Momolu and Friends (€9.99/£8.99: Friday)

Tux and Fanny (€8.99/£8.00)

Blaloon Blalympia (€7.99/£7.19: Sunday)

Smashy Road (€7.99/£6.99: Friday)

From Earth to Heaven (€6.99/£6.99)

Love Choice (€4.99/£4.99)

Casino Roulette Royal (€4.99/£4.49)

Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (€4.99/£4.49)

GLO (€4.99/£4.49)

Beat Them All (€4.99/£4.49: Saturday)

Enchanted Path (€3.99/£3.59: Monday)

Puzzle Car (€3.99/£3.59)

Red Square Escape 2 (€2.99/£2.69: Sunday)

Ball Physics: Draw Puzzles (€2.99/£2.69)

Morto (€1.19/£1.09: Friday)

Puzzle & Chess (€1.00/£0.89)

Switch Archives

Pop Flamer (€6.99/£6.29)


Ys IX: Monstrum Nox (¥7678)

NBA 2K22 (¥6600: Friday)

WarioWare: Get It Together! (¥5400: Friday)

Sonic Colors Ultimate (¥4389)

AIR (¥4300)

Ultra Age (¥3300)

Lost in Random (¥3100)

Espagluda II (¥2500)

Chaos on Deponia (¥2390)

Killer Queen Black (¥2200)

Offroad Driving Simulator4x4: Trucks & SUV Trophy (¥1999)

Car Driver Simulator (¥1999)

Dice Legacy (¥1980)

Boulder Dash Deluxe (¥1870)

LoveKami -Healing Harem- (¥1800)

Knights and Guns (¥1699)

Hindsight 20/20 - Wrath of the Raakshaka (¥1656)

Brawl Chess Deluxe Edition (¥1399)

Art Sqool (¥1299)

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game For Kids And Toddlers (¥1295)

Apple Knight (¥1100)

Dogfight (¥899)

Teddy Gangs (¥899)

Pop Flamer (¥838)

Luna's Fishing Garden (¥820)

Puzzle Hamster -Earth Adventure- (¥700)

From Earth to Heaven (¥699)

Block Puzzle (¥599)

Crossbow Bloodnight (¥549)

Batu ta Batu (¥500)

Love Choice (¥500: Friday)

Dark Fantasy: Jigsaw Puzzle 2 (¥499)

Puzzle Car (¥400)

Space Wars (¥399)

Ant-Gravity: Tiny's Adventure (¥120)


If you got your Hello Kitty cards, this should be old hat by now.

After the apparent success of the Sanrio line of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, the base sets are coming back to stores in North America.

Nintendo have announced a reprint of the first four waves of cards will begin appearing in select stores over the next few days (early September is specified). In the United States, the cards will be sold exclusively at Target stores: no exclusive partner has been identified for Canada, where multiple retailers stock the Sanrio line that are also Target exclusives below the 49th parallel.

Each card pack will be sold for the standard US$5.99 MSRP for six cards, one of which is a "special" card. The cards can be used for, among other things, forcing residents to appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


See, they paid off BOTH of those surveys in June.

Nintendo's other "brainy" series is returning on Switch, and this time North America will get to partake.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain has been announced for a December 3 launch, priced at US$29.99 and available physically. There will be challenges (including daily ones) in Solo mode, or up to four players (local or ghosts uploaded by other players) can take part in multiplayer modes.

This appears to be the second game Nintendo's marketing surveyed in June, following next week's WarioWare: Get It Together.

TalkBack / Second Chapter Of Gunvolt Chronicles To Open In Late January
« on: September 01, 2021, 06:00:00 PM »

Now with bullet... sorry, "bullit" time.

Inti Creates has now committed to a double shot of their Gunvolt 2D run-and-gun series for 2022.

At the BitSummit indie game expo, Inti  Creates announced Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 would launch worldwide on January 27, 2022. The original game released in 2019, while Inti previously announced the third Azure Striker Gunvolt game would also hit next year.

Series regular Copen and his "muse" Lola both return with new features. Copen has a new weapon called the Razor Wheel and can shift between the default, powerful "Break-Shift" and the quicker "Bullit-Shift", while Lola can now heal Copen to full on demand.

A physical version of the game has been announced for Japan and other Asian territories but currently, the game is slated to be digital-only in the West.


Now we have an actual cat in the crew.

Following the announcement of Morgana, Sega have confirmed a true feline presence will be available as DLC for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania - on launch day.

Japanese cultural icon Hello Kitty will be available for purchase on October 5 (the game's regular launch day, though a deluxe version with early access is available) for US$4.99 or equivalent.

A trailer for the collaboration is below:


Why is this relevant now? Well, at least one current Switch game and a potential re-release is probably affected.

A new European ratings board ruling has gone into effect that would have a major effect on current and potential future Switch releases.

The PEGI board has determined that references to gambling would result in an automatic 18+ rating: according to reports, this actually began in early 2021. A recent example as spotted by AskAboutGames has found that the game Overboard!, released on 2 June with a 12+ rating for "mild violence, suggestive themes, use of alcohol" is now 18+ for "simulated gambling" due to a game of blackjack. In North America, Overboard has a T rating for "Suggestive Themes, Language, Use of Alcohol, Mild Violence, Simulated Gambling".

The main effect of this would be for the Pokemon series: the 2016-18 Virtual Console releases on 3DS were rated 12+ for gambling in Europe due to the Game Corner's slot machines. Although the ratings have not changed for these old releases, every new Pokemon release in Europe since Heart Gold and Soul Silver (2010) have either removed the slot machines in favor of games of skill or removed the function altogether. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have reportedly replaced the Game Corner with the player character's clothing store, but a straight release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow on Switch would either require the Game Corner to be removed or the 18+ rating applied. (See update below)

UPDATE 3 September: According to PEGI, re-releases of games that do not alter the "experience" significantly would maintain the 12+ rather than the 18+ rating. In the Pokemon example above, an HD remake of Pokemon Red/Blue would have to remove the Game Corner but a re-release of the originals would not. (The games were removed from the Game Corner in 2018's Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee which brought the European rating to 7+.)

TalkBack / Nintendo Downloads - September 2, 2021
« on: August 30, 2021, 04:00:00 AM »

A lot of old school this week, though some of it will repeat next week.

In what I thought would be an incredibly quiet week before checking the Canadian game list and then re-checking the US one, it was surprisingly difficult to come up with a main game - NIS America's classics collection (containing Soul Nomad and Phantom Brave) put up a brave front, but we'll give the win to the Digital Deluxe version of Sonic Colors Ultimate hitting this Friday. (You can probably guess what next's week headliner is already.) Other possibilities include Partner Showcase veteran Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions, and indie hits Kitaria Fables and KeyWe (get it, because it's a pair of kiwi delivering mail...)

This week in Disclaimer Corner: Puzzle specialists Draknek (A Monster's Expedition) have a trio of their catalogue titles hitting this week, and contributor Syrenne McNulty was involved in getting them to Switch: the games are A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, Cosmic Express, and Sokobond. (In other friend of the site news, Nathan Fouts's Mommy's Best Games also drops Weapon of Choice DX.)

Japan sees a lot of ports, and a game that if I'm remembering it correctly would be right at home on the Vita.

North America

Switch Retail

Sonic Colors: Ultimate (Digital Deluxe) (US$44.99/C$59.99: Friday)

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1 ($39.99/$53.19: Tuesday)

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions ($39.99/$53.19: Friday)

Switch eShop

Active Life: Outdoor Challenge ($49.99/$64.99: Friday)

Instant Sports Paradise ($34.99/$49.99: Wednesday)

Rustler ($29.99/$39.99: Tuesday)

Apsulov ($29.99/$39.89)

Stranded Deep ($24.99/$33.50: Tuesday)

KeyWe ($24.99/$33.24: Tuesday)

Angel's Punishment ($24.99/$29.99: Friday)

Ooops! 2 ($19.99/$26.59: Tuesday)

Kitaria Fables ($19.99/$26.59)

Lamentum ($15.99/$20.99: Tuesday)

Armed Emeth ($14.99/$20.99)

Guts 'n Goals ($14.99/$19.94: Tuesday)

The Magister ($14.99/$19.94)

Endless Fables: Shadow Within ($14.99: Friday)

Farmers Co-op: Out of this World ($12.99/$17.28)

Funny Farm Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Kids And Toddlers ($12.99/$17.28)

Extreme Car Driver ($11.99/$15.95: Friday)

MiniGolf Tour ($10.99/$13.29)

CRASH: Autodrive ($9.99: Tuesday)

Galaxy Squad ($9.99/$13.29: Wednesday)

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build ($9.99/$13.29)

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game For Kids And Toddlers ($9.99/$13.29)

Cosmic Express ($9.99/$13.29)

Sokobond ($9.99/$13.29)

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish ($9.99/$13.29)

Golf Club Wasteland ($9.99/$13.29: Friday)

A Night at the Races ($9.99/$12.99: Friday)

White Girl ($8.85/$11.69)

12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature ($7.99/$10.00: Tuesday)

HIX: Puzzle Islands ($7.90/$9.90)

Block Puzzle ($5.99/$7.99: Friday)

Weapon of Choice DX ($5.99/$7.97)

Forty Thieves Solitaire Collection ($5.79/$7.19)

Virtuous Racing ($4.99/$6.99: Friday)

Alveole ($4.99/$6.64: Wednesday)

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse ($4.99/$6.49: Wednesday)

Pipau - Bauble Quest ($3.99/$4.99: Friday)

BOT.vinnik Chess ($2.99/$3.99)

Switch Archives

USAAF Mustang ($7.99/$9.87)

Sales and Price Drops

Highlights: Street Fighter games are on sale until Saturday, and Humble Games-published titles (Ikenfell, Slay the Spire) are on sale until the 10th. PSPrices, DekuDeals, @eShopNotifier


Switch Retail

Sonic Colors: Ultimate (Digital Deluxe) (€44.99/£39.99: Friday)

Prinny Presents NIS Classics Vol. 1 (€39.99/£35.99: Friday)

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions (€34.99/£31.49: Friday)

Switch eShop

Family Trainer (€49.99/£44.99: Friday)

Instant Sports: Paradise (€34.99/£31.49: Wednesday)

Apsulov (€29.99/£26.89)

Rustler (€29.99/£24.99: Tuesday)

Angel's Punishment (€24.99/£24.99: Friday)

Stranded Deep (€24.99/£22.99: Tuesday)

KeyWe (€24.99/£19.99: Tuesday)

Kitaria Fables (€19.99/£19.99)

Ooops! 2 (€19.99/£14.99: Tuesday)

Lamentum (€15.99/£13.99: Tuesday)

Armed Emeth (€14.99/£13.49)

The Magister (€14.99/£13.49)

Endless Fables: Shadow Within (€14.99/£13.49: Friday)

Funny Farm Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Kids And Toddlers (€12.99/£11.69)

Guts 'n Goals (€12.90/£11.49)

Extreme Car Driver (€11.99/£10.79: Friday)

MiniGolf Tour (€10.99/£9.89)

Farmers Co-op: Out of this World (€10.89/£9.79)

CRASH: Autodrive (€9.99/£8.99: Tuesday)

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game For Kids And Toddlers (€9.99/£8.99)

A Night at the Races (€9.99/£8.99: Friday)

Golf Club Wasteland (€9.99/£8.99: Friday)

Idle Inventor - Factory Tycoon (€9.99/£8.99: Friday)

The Last Show of Mr. Chardish (€8.50/£7.69)

Galaxy Squad (€8.49/£7.69: Wednesday)

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (€8.19/£7.39)

Cosmic Express (€8.19/£7.39)

Sokobond (€8.19/£7.39)

12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature (€7.99/£7.19: Tuesday)

Luna's Fishing Garden (€7.99/£7.19)

White Girl (€7.59/£6.79)

HIX: Puzzle Islands (€6.99/£6.99)

Weapon of Choice DX (€5.99/£5.39)

Block Puzzle (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)

Virtuous Racing (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)

Alveole (€4.99/£4.49: Wednesday)

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse (€4.99/£4.49: Wednesday)

Forty Thieves Solitaire Collection (€4.89/£4.39)

Pipau - Bauble Quest (€3.49/£3.49: Friday)

BOT.vinnik Chess (€2.99/£2.69)

Switch Archives

USAAF Mustang (€6.99/£6.29)


Demon Gaze Extra (¥6980)

Port Royale 4 (¥6578)

KeyWe (¥4708)

Void Bastards (¥3090)

Rally Racing Off-Road (¥1999)

Kitaria Fables (¥1980)

Monster Harvest (¥1980)

Lamentum (¥1790)

Funny Farm Animal Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Kids And Toddlers (¥1684)

Darkwood (¥1600)

Farmers Co-op: Out of this World (¥1425)

Armed Emeth (¥1320)

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build (¥1100)

Cosmic Express (¥1100)

Sokobond (¥1100)

A Night at the Races (¥1000)

Endless Fables: Shadow Kingdom (¥990)

Smash Reversi (¥980)

White Girl (¥980)

Checkers (¥899)

HIX: Puzzle Islands (¥899)

USAAF Mustang (¥838)

Animal Puzzle - Preschool Learning Game For Kids And Toddlers (¥800)

Hammer 2 Reloaded (¥699)

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse (¥500)

Space Elite Force II (¥500)

Tinker Racers (¥500)

Alveole (¥490)

Space Elite Force (¥430)

ASMR Journey: Jigsaw Puzzle (¥400)

Dongo Adventure (¥120)


Maybe someone will come up with a better name for his monster than "Joe Blow"

After a couple of Japan-only remakes, the first two Monster Rancher games are coming out worldwide.

Koei Tecmo have announced Monster Rancher 1+2 DX for worldwide release on December 9. A price in the West has not been announced, though a limited edition will be available in Japan with a backpack and metal figurine among other items.

Monster Rancher is a monster raising simulation/RPG that originally released on the PlayStation, and could read music or data CDs in order to randomly generate monsters. This functionality will be recreated in the DX versions by way of a disc database the game will access.

The original games released on Switch in 2019 and 2020 in Japan only, but the DX version includes additional save slots previously sold as DLC along with a new high speed mode and random battle rankings.

TalkBack / Other Announcements From "Opening Night Live" At Gamescom
« on: August 25, 2021, 02:43:21 PM »

A few items of note for Switch owners, including why you don't mess with the Fourth Estate.

In addition to the Marvel's Midnight Suns and Super Monkey Ball DLC announcements, a few other Switch items of note from today's "Gamescom Opening Night Live" digital event:

  • A new trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge aired which saw the 4 player brawler slip to next year, but also showed off double team moves (such as one turtle hurling a teammate into foes), and also confirmed April O'Neil as a playable character along with the Turtles.
  • Humble Games announced a publishing deal for Midnight Fight Express, an isometric-view action game created by a single developer from Poland. The current target date for the game is next summer.
  • After being radio silent for over a year, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga came out of hyperspace with a new trailer showing more scenes from the nine previous Star Wars episodes. The new target for the omnibus collection is spring of 2022.
  • A four player co-op board game based on the original 1995 film Jumanji, known as Jumanji: The Curse Returns, will come to Switch later this year from Marmalade Games.


The Samuel L Jackson of the Persona 5 Strikers team joins a rather motley Sega crew.

The party for the Super Monkey Ball franchise will be getting some late arriving guests from Japan.

At Gamescom Opening Night, Sega confirmed DLC support for Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania - with the first new character rolling in as Persona 5's team pet Morgana. The DLC will be available on November 2 for US$4.99 (four weeks following launch), and Morgana joins Sega/Sammy characters such as Sonic, Tails, Jet Set Radio's Beat and Yakuza protagonist Kiryu Kazuma in rolling through the remake of the GameCube hits.

Additionally, a new trailer has revealed all of the 12 minigames that will appear in the game's Party mode.

TalkBack / Marvel's Midnight Suns Coming To Switch In March
« on: August 25, 2021, 10:18:00 AM »

Original characters and X-Men - what a time to be alive.

Some of the darkest corners of the Marvel universe are headed to Switch in a new tactical RPG.

2K have revealed Marvel's Midnight Suns will launch on Switch in March of next year. A tactical turn-based RPG developed by Firaxis, Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes version), Nico Minoru, Wolverine of the X-Men and Iron Man will be among the 13 heroes in the game.

Gameplay will be shown on September 1. It has not been announced if the game will be a streaming title on Switch as it is also releasing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series devices.


The "Wario Cup" is weekly because not even Wario would want to crunch enough to make it daily.

It won't just be playing against the house in the new WarioWare.

Nintendo released a new trailer for WarioWare: Get It Together which in addition to revealing the character roster, also showed off two new multiplayer modes. "Variety Pack" mode pits local players and their chosen WarioWare stars against each other in exclusive games, while the Wario Cup is a weekly-rotating online score challenge.

The trailer can be seen below:

TalkBack / Nintendo Downloads - August 26, 2021
« on: August 23, 2021, 04:00:00 AM »

I would quote this week's major protagonist but Travis Touchdown would prevent us from keeping this space rated E.

Travis touches down one more time on the Switch this week as the world's leading assassin takes his act to SPAAAAAAAAAACE in the week's major release, No More Heroes III. The game voted too hot for Treehouse drops Friday, but if you're looking for something with just as much murder but want to take it slow, may we recommend King's Bounty II on Tuesday.

Or perhaps if you would like to keep the profanity to yourself, you can check out the week's non-retail releases headlined by not one but TWO different Spelunky. Other titles that might be familiar are the finally-releasing Hoa, the environmentally conscious Baldo, or metal detection title The Magnificent Trufflepigs.

And with a post-tropical storm headed right for my neck of the woods as of press time, I'll just say that Trails into Reverie is hitting the Switch in Japan this week and dip.

North America

Switch Retail

No More Heroes 3 (US$59.99/C$79.99: Friday)

King's Bounty II ($59.99: Tuesday)

Switch eShop

Baldo: The Guardian Owls ($24.99/$33.24)

Garden Paws ($24.99/$29.99)

Hermitage: Strange Case Files ($19.99/$26.59)

Secret Neighbor ($19.99/$26.59)

Spelunky 2 ($19.99/$26.59)

Murder Mystery Machine ($19.99/$25.99: Wednesday)

Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask ($17.99/$24.99: Tuesday)

Moonshades ($17.99/$23.93: Friday)

Have a Blast ($17.99/$23.90)

Off The Road Unleashed ($15.99/$21.99)

Hoa ($14.99/$19.94: Tuesday)

May's Mysteries: The Secrets of Dragonville ($14.99/$19.94)

Wildbus ($12.99/$17.00)

The Magnificient Trufflepigs ($11.99/$13.49)

Girls Tank Battle ($10.99/$14.99)

Adventure Field 4 ($9.99/$13.29: Sunday)

Spelunky ($9.99/$13.29)

Inked: A Tale of Love ($9.99/$13.29: Friday)

Cape's Escape Game: 3rd Room ($9.80/not releasing)

Dark Thrones ($8.99/$11.96)

Witch Hunter ($8.99/$11.96)

Shape Suitable ($8.99/not releasing)

Speedway Heroes ($8.00/$11.00: Friday)

Titans Black Ops ($6.99/$8.90)

Pretty Girls Panic! ($5.99/$7.99)

Hammer 2 Reloaded ($5.99/$7.99: Friday)

Townscaper ($5.99/$7.95)

Magical Girls: Second Magic ($4.99/$6.64)

One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party ($4.99/$6.99: Friday)

Orbibot ($4.99/$6.99: Friday)

Night Flight ($4.99/$6.64: Monday)

Magnus Failure ($3.99/$5.31: Monday)

How Buddy's Parents Met ($3.99/$4.99)

Puzzletronics ($3.99/$4.99)

Green Phoenix ($3.49/$3.98)

Space Wars ($2.99/$3.99: Wednesday)

Instant Farmer ($2.99/$3.99)

Super Animal Royale (free to start)

Pokemon TV (free)

Switch Archives

Space Cruiser ($7.99/$9.87)

Sales and Price Drops

Highlights: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair and The Gardens Between are both 75% off until September 9. PSPrices, DekuDeals, @eShopNotifier


Switch Retail

King's Bounty II (€59.99/£54.99: Tuesday)

No More Heroes 3 (€59.99/£49.99: Friday)

Switch eShop

Baldo: The Guardian Owls (€24.99/£22.49)

Garden Paws (€20.99/£18.89)

Murder Mystery Machine (€19.99/£17.99: Wednesday)

Secret Neighbor (€19.99/£17.99)

Spelunky 2 (€19.99/£17.99)

Off The Road Unleashed (€15.99/£14.99)

Mickey Storm and the Cursed Mask (€14.99/£13.49: Monday)

Hoa (€14.99/£13.49: Tuesday)

Have a Blast (€14.99/£13.49)

May's Mysteries: The Secrets of Dragonville (€14.99/£13.49)

Moonshades (€15.99/£14.39: Friday)

Wildbus (€11.99/£10.79)

Spelunky (€9.99/£8.99)

The Magnificient Trufflepigs (€9.99/£8.99)

Inked: A Tale of Love (€8.99/£8.09)

Adventure Field 4 (€8.59/£7.69: Sunday)

Dark Thrones (€7.99/£7.19)

Eternal Hope (€7.99/£7.19)

Witch Hunter (€7.99/£7.19)

Titans Black Ops (€7.99/£6.99)

Speedway Heroes (€6.99/£6.50: Friday)

Hammer 2 Reloaded (€5.99/£5.99: Friday)

Pretty Girls Panic! (€5.99/£5.49)

Townscaper (€5.99/£5.39)

One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)

Orbibot (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)

Night Flight (€4.99/£4.49: Monday)

Magical Girls: Second Magic (€3.99/£3.59: Wednesday)

How Buddy's Parents Met (€3.99/£3.59)

Puzzletronics (€3.99/£3.59)

Space Wars (€2.99/£2.99: Wednesday)

Green Phoenix (€2.99/£2.99)

Instant Farmer (€2.99/£2.69)

Super Animal Royale (free to start)

Pokemon TV (free)

Switch Archives

Space Cruiser (€6.99/£6.29)


Kami-sama no You na Kimi e (¥8360)

Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- (¥7700)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails Into Reverie (¥7678)

No More Heroes 3 (¥7480: Friday)

King's Bounty II (¥7150: Tuesday)

Hakuoki Shinkai Dawn Record (¥6930)

Kakenuke Seishun Sparking (¥6270)

Destroy All Humans (¥4780)

Baldo: The Guardian Owls (¥3249)

Override 2: Super Mecha League (¥3180)

Retro Machina (¥2970)

Summer in Mara (¥2570)

Secret Neighbor (¥2199)

Phantom Brave (¥2178)

Soul Nomad and the World Eater (¥2178)

Richman 10 (¥1800)

May's Mysteries: The Secrets of Dragonville (¥1750)

Totally Reliable Delivery Service (¥1600)

Wildbus (¥1500)

Murder Mystery Machine (¥1499)

Our Flick Erasers - New Semester (¥1450)

Girls Tank Battle (¥1300)

Spider Solitaire (¥1200)

Inked: A Tale of Love (¥1150)

Dark Thrones (¥1040)

Witch Hunter (¥1040)

Shape Suitable (¥990)

Cape's Escape Game: 3rd Room (¥980)

Space Cruiser (¥838)

Puzzles for Toddlers & Kids: Animals, Cars and more (¥800)

Townscaper (¥620)

World Soccer Strikers '91 (¥620)

Knight Swap 2 (¥600)

Pretty Girls Panic! (¥600)

Domestic Market Car Racing (¥530)

Magical Girls: Second Magic (¥500)

Savage Halloween (¥500)

How Buddy's Parents Met (¥400)

Puzzletronics (¥400)

Reaosn: Casual Puzzle (¥110)

Warface (free to start)

TalkBack / WarioWare: Get It Together! Demo Available
« on: August 19, 2021, 05:20:48 PM »

Wario probably crunched the devs to get it there.

The next first party release for Switch now has a demo.

A demo for WarioWare: Get It Together! can now be downloaded from the eShop in North America. Nintendo's announcement has confirmed a "selection of minigames", but was not specific on how many that entails.

The demo checks in at 206MB.

TalkBack / Doom News: Slayers Collection, Ancient Gods Part II
« on: August 19, 2021, 04:33:00 PM »

Some news from the perpetual state of Nintendo (or so the rest of the internet would have you believe). UPDATED

UPDATE August 20: After the eShop update today, the Slayers Collection price increased to US$49.99 and C$66.99. This would bring it in line with the cost of the physical release, which will be available on September 3. Original story follows.

In addition to Quake's launch, a couple of Doom-related announcements for the Switch went down today at the opening day of the digital QuakeCon.

After being spotted with a retail listing earlier today, the Doom Slayers Collection is now available on Switch. Priced at US$34.99/C$46.99, the collection contains Doom (1993), Doom II, Doom 3, Doom 64, and Doom (2016) in one package: for comparison, Doom (2016) is regularly priced at US$39.99 and the other games range from $4.99 to $9.99. The retail package, according to sources, will have Doom (2016) on the cart and codes for the four classic games: whether this will include the multiplayer for 2016 that is otherwise a separate download has not been disclosed.

Additionally, the second part of The Ancient Gods DLC for Doom Eternal was confirmed for a release on August 26. The first part launched June 15 as a shadowdrop during the Nintendo Direct, and the pass is currently on sale until August 24.

TalkBack / Remastered Quake Now Available On Switch
« on: August 19, 2021, 09:31:20 AM »

It won't require shoving nine inch nails through your fingers to play the other ID shooter.

Another classic ID shooter series of the 1990s is now on Switch.

Quake, Id Software's follow up first person shooter series which debuted in 1996, has been remastered for modern platforms as part of a 25th anniversary celebration. It is available now on the eShop for US$9.99 or equivalent.

In addition to 1080p graphics on Switch, the Switch version includes the original title's expansions and two new ones developed by Machine Games, plus official mod support including the Nintendo 64 version of Quake. The Switch version also supports gyro aiming and maintains the soundtrack written by former Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor.


There's no getting off this train.

Turnip Boy is looking to add some more charges to his tax evasion arraignment.

The April-launching adventure will launch an update a week from today which will include support for the "Limitless Line" free DLC. Available after completing the game, the Limitless Line is an endless dungeon with randomly generated areas.

Rewards for reaching milestones in the Line include special "Trinkets" that boost Turnip Boy in the main game.


It's more of a subversive adventure game than a subversive RPG.

A new twist on the life of a supervillain's henchman is coming to Switch in October, and it has writing talent experienced in subtle parody.

Henchman Story has confirmed a release date on Switch of October 14 in a new trailer (available below). It is an adventure game starring Stan, a down-on-his-luck henchman of the evil Lord Bedlam who has to try and survive while his boss sets out to destroy the world.

The writer, Marc Soskin, previously was involved in the writing of The Outer Worlds (Switch, 2020). Additionally, although not named publisher Top Hat is promising voice work from actors of My Hero Academia and A Hat In Time.

TalkBack / Other News From The August 18 Pokemon Presents
« on: August 18, 2021, 06:05:00 AM »

They had a lot of time, but a lot of other items to go over.

Prior to the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl / Legends Arceus news, the Pokemon Presents presentation offered several updates on active Pokemon projects.

  • Pokemon Unite's mobile version was slated for a September 22 launch, with pre-registration open now. Costumes will be awarded if there are a total of 2.5m and 5m pre-registrations. Following the launch of pink blob Blissey this week, future updates will add Mamoswine and Sylveon as playable.
  • A "revamp" of 2019's Pokemon Cafe Mix was announced for fall; following the updates, it will be known as "Pokemon Cafe Remix". New Pokemon, puzzles, and training techniques will be among the items added.
  • A massive login bonus (100 pulls) is now available as part of Pokemon Masters EX's 2nd anniversary: a new story arc will begin in September with Giovanni being added to the game.
  • Pokemon Go will be adding Galar Pokemon soon, with Wooloo, Skowvet, Failanks, and mascots Zacian and Zamazenta.
  • Pokemon Home will be updated to support Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus sometime in 2022: it was not identified if this would consist of one update or two, nor if Sword and Shield would be updated to hold new Pokemon introduced in Legends Arceus.

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