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Games And Demos Dropped Today As Part Of Indie World Showcase

by Donald Theriault - April 17, 2024, 9:38 pm EDT
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Plenty of things to direct your energy towards after the presentation.

The three sweetest words in any Nintendo video reveal show are "available later today", and today's Indie World dropped a couple of games and some new demos.

Full Games

  • Cozy sticker-creation simulator Sticky Business from Spellgarden Games adds 400+ creation elements to meet the requirements from clients, launched alongside a "Plan With Me" DLC that adds another 100+ elements to the base game. A bundle containing both is available.
  • Previously released on Apple Arcade, Lykke Studios's "stitch." is a puzzle game that involves cutting out pieces of an embroidery pattern known as a Hoop, which touts accessibility options and a robust hint option but also includes a daily challenge that blocks the hints. Touch controls are also available for the game, which is exclusive to consoles on Switch.


  • The third game in the Cat Quest action RPG series, announced last week, confirmed it will be available on Switch August 8 and has a demo today. Set in the "Purribean", the cats have to find the North Star while taking out "Pi-rats" both on land and in the high seas.
  • Summitsphere's Antonblast will launch fully on November 12, but does have a demo now; as the name suggests, Antonblast is a high-speed action platformer in which solving the level triggers a detonator and an escape sequence.
  • New studio Novadust Entertainment has teamed up with Future Friends Games for a 3d exploration title called Europa. Set in a fallen civilization, the main character Zee Zephyr uses a jetpack to explore a world overrun in an attempt to find the last human life on the planet. The full game is out later this year.
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