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January 31, 2013

How Nintendo of America Severed Direct Two-Way Communication With Its Fans

by Justin Berube - 3:41 pm EST
Total comments: 4

In 2007, Nintendo outsourced Nintendo Power and destroyed NSider.

Not so long ago, Nintendo of America (NOA) had two great means of communicating with its fans. NOA used both Nintendo Power magazine and NSider, Nintendo’s official online community, to talk with fans, build a community, and respond and interact directly to those most interested in its products.


January 27, 2013

Wii U European VC: The 50Hz Debacle WiiU

by Nicholas Bray - 5:57 pm EST
Total comments: 25

I shouldn't have to import a system to get an equivalent experience. 

Virtual Console on Wii U, what a great idea! Last week, Nintendo announced and then released the first Virtual Console game for Wii U. Many were excited at both the announcement and the forth-coming games that have been promised. Nintendo pleased all of their fans, right? This announcement was a great... Read more...

January 7, 2013

What's That Poké-News?!

by Alex Culafi - 4:32 pm EST
Total comments: 16

Alex makes some predictions about tomorrow's Nintendo Direct.

Today is a very anxious day to be a Pokémon fan. With the promise of news on the horizon and no school or good games to play, I've been spending today bumming around the internet for answers as to what this Nintendo Direct-worthy news might be. What I have is not one answer, but several based on what I deem to be educational guesses.

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