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March 26, 2002

A Night with Group X

by Jonathan Metts - 4:17 pm PST

Yes Virginia, there is a “Mario Twins”. This is the story of one crazy night with Group X Arabian Rap Sensations.

Who is Group X? What is Group X? Why is Group X? This past weekend, I went to Atlanta searching for the answers to these questions and more. And I got answers. Bizarre, psychotic, cream-filled answers involving chemical spray-pumps and blue hair gel. But let’s jump back to the beginning of this twisted story…


March 20, 2002

Resident Evil Movie in Review

by Max Lake - 10:07 pm PST

Max reflects on the Resident Evil movie and why it's different than the video game-based flicks that have come before. (And no, he doesn't spoil anything...)

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Over the weekend, I got a chance to see the Resident Evil movie. I hadn’t seen any previews (which is often better, because you don’t know what to expect) or really bothered to keep up with the development of the film for a long, long time. Still, when I found it... Read more...

March 8, 2002

The day the Earth stood still

by Rick Powers - 2:19 pm PST

One cynical bastard takes a look at the news that’s shocking the videogame industry …

I’ll be the first to admit. I didn’t see it coming. At least, not this soon, and certainly not spearheaded by the one man responsible for Square’s absence on a Nintendo platform for this long. Until today, it was widely accepted that until “Old Man Yamauchi” retired, there was no way we’d see Square develop for Nintendo. And in some way, that’s still true.


March 4, 2002


by Aldo Merino - 2:05 am PST

PGC welcomes longtime colleague Aldo Merino to our ranks with a look at Nintendo’s new arcade hardware made in collaboration with Namco & Sega. The Legend of the Triforce is just beginning…

Although any real concrete GameCube news has certainly been sluggish in the last few weeks, seemingly limited to only more screenshots of Resident Evil, Metroid Prime and Mario Sunshine gradually seeping through to the public, one of the bigger announcements has certainly come as a bit of a surprise.... Read more...

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