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July 19, 2001

Online Gaming: exposed

by David Trammell - 3:23 am EDT

David returns from a three week Diablo-induced coma packing an exposé detailing the twisted underbelly of online gaming.

Ever since Sega decided to include a 56k modem as part of the Dreamcast hardware, the gaming media has been buzzing with the potential for online console gaming. "Play against real people anytime you want!" they say. "You get the whole screen to yourself, and you can play against more than four... Read more...

July 14, 2001

Look Who's Come to Play

by Mike Orlando - 10:50 pm EDT

Sony used to be a company who pumped out mediocre software with an immense third party backing. Oh how times have changed.

Man, there are some things you’d never imagine being said. What will the next Sonic game look like on Nintendo’s upcoming system? What will be the best selling GameCube launch game, which (barring any Space World announcement) will not feature a Mario title? Some of these questions are proof that... Read more...

July 4, 2001

Happy Independence Day!

by Max Lake - 12:07 pm EDT

Max celebrates 4th of July on PGC & sets off fireworks Super Mario Bros. style! (NOTE: Not patriotic blather!)

Usually we notice all so-called “post office holidays” to give greeting card type shout outs to readers & remind geeks living in the basement what day it is. Today I felt like saying a bit more.

I just got back from Columbus where last night I witnessed “Red, White & Boom,” possibly... Read more...

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