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May 31, 2001

Don't Count Your Pikmin...

by Ed Shih - 11:07 pm EDT

E3 is over and Nintendo fans are still euphoric. Leave it to Rick Powers to dampen the festivities. Note, tonight, Mr. Ed Shih is filling in for the role of the Reserved Skeptic.

Don't Count Your Pikmin Before They Sprout

Nintendo’s performance at E3 is certainly something about which fans can get excited, but don’t assume a strong E3 is any indication of a company’s success. One need only look back to last year’s E3 where Sega was the consensus choice for best... Read more...

May 25, 2001

The Power of Absence

by Jonathan Metts - 7:53 pm EDT

What's up with Nintendo not showing Mario at E3? Where were Zelda and Pokemon? Jonny Metts offers an answer that you probably weren't expecting.

Regardless of who you think “won” E3 2001, Nintendo’s presence has garnered a lot more discussion than either of its competitors. I wish I could settle the whole thing right now by saying that Nintendo’s booth was far more crowded and popular and noisy and cramped and all kinds of other good... Read more...

May 21, 2001

November To Remember

by Rick Powers - 9:45 am EDT

Rick manages to crawl out of his post-E3 exhaustion just long enough to sum up some of his thoughts on the show ...

The hardest thing in the world is to come home to your aging, dusty N64 after having experienced the sheer gaming joy that is the Nintendo GameCube. Your hands naturally want to curl into the position to hold that contoured controller, your eyes find it hard to adjust to the lack of bright lights... Read more...

May 4, 2001

Understanding Cube Craze

by Ed Shih - 10:51 am EDT

PGC has been waiting anxiously for Nintendo’s next system since before the “Dolphin” days. Now, GameCube’s E3 unveiling is mere days away & Ed Shih is here to explain what all the fuss is about.

There’s less than two weeks to go until the GameCube’s big unveiling, huh? Looking back, it’s been a pretty long wait. When Nintendo announced Project Dolphin back in May 1999, I was still in college, hadn’t even decided to enter the gaming industry, didn’t know anything about PlanetN2000... Read more...

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