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November 9, 2001

The old Adage is True

by Mike Hrusecky - 1:22 pm EST

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The impending Nintendo GameCube launch gives me a nostalgic feeling felt only once before as the N64 debuted in 1996...

Before the Internet was beginning to turn from a hobbyist’s toy into the mass media platform of today, information spread at the speed of television and print. You watched live TV as news broke, you watched the 6 o’clock news for the day’s coverage, or you read all about it in the following... Read more...

GameCube’s European Greeting

by Karlie Yeung - 10:01 am EST

With only Game Boy Advance until next Spring in Europe, can the GameCube successfully take away some of Playstation 2’s dominance?

With the US launch closer than ever, European gamers wait for Nintendo’s promise of a release date for the precious machine. Nothing has been revealed further than “Spring 2002” and will not be for a while to come.

A while ago there were rumours flying around that the GameCube will not... Read more...

November 5, 2001

How to buy a GameCube

by Billy Berghammer - 8:31 am EST

GameCube is set to launch in North America in a little more than a week, and we’re here to help you get a GameCube efficiently. It’s been a long wait, so why be troubled with fighting with people?

When the N64 was released back in 1996, I was one of the first people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to get my hands on a Nintendo 64. I pre-ordered my N64 at a Software Etc. about a year before release, and even though I was more than guaranteed a system at launch, I was prepared, and got my system early,... Read more...

November 2, 2001

Lastability: A Dissertation.

by Jonathan Metts - 9:05 am EST

Just how important is lasting/replay value to the gaming experience? What is it about some games that keeps us playing them for years to come? Jonny tackles these questions in his latest editorial.

Ya know, when I think back to the days of playing NES and SNES every single day, I can’t ever remember complaining that a game was too short, or that it didn’t have any replay value. Sure, I was younger then and more easily amused, and of course I didn’t have the years of experience and immense (ha) gaming skill that I do now, but something was still different in the games.

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