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August 31, 2012

The Day Local Multiplayer Died in the Madden NFL Series WiiUWii

by Neal Ronaghan - 8:32 am EDT
Total comments: 7

Neal mourns the end of Madden on Wii and its spectacular local multiplayer offerings.

The reveal of Madden NFL 13 on Wii U went as I expected to some degree. Outside of the missing features from the other HD versions (which, to me, isn't a ridiculous proposition given the tight development schedule Madden games are on), it is the first time that a Nintendo system is receiving a comparable version to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I am excited for it, because I think using the GamePad for Madden could be awesome.


August 16, 2012

Placing Bets on the Wii U Launch Lineup WiiU

by Neal Ronaghan - 2:22 pm EDT
Total comments: 37

Can we channel Nostradamus? No, probably not, but damn it, we can try!

At some point over the next few weeks, Nintendo will drop a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the Wii U and its launch. It might come as early as next week, possibly during a Nintendo Direct, or it might come around Tokyo Game Show in September, which was around the time the Wii launch details were revealed back in 2006.


August 13, 2012

The 3DS Fall Might Break Its Back 3DS

by Neal Ronaghan - 10:15 am EDT
Total comments: 59

Two major 3DS games are delayed, making a thin line-up thinner in the important lead up to Wii U.

Nintendo unveiled the rest of their 3DS release schedule for 2012. While there are assuredly quality games littered in the next few months, there were two key absences: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. We could also refer to those games as the "ones that got the biggest push at E3 2012."


August 10, 2012

The Potential for an October Wii U Launch WiiU3DS

by Neal Ronaghan - 9:37 am EDT
Total comments: 10

I'd still bet money on the Sunday before Black Friday, but maybe this is just crazy enough to be right...

When we found out that the Wii U was due out this year, an overwhelming majority of people pegged November 18, the Sunday before Black Friday, as the system's release date. After all, Nintendo's big release every year in recent memory has come out on that day. The Wii came out on that day in 2006. The DS came out on that day in 2004. It made sense; it was logical.


August 9, 2012

Why New Super Mario Bros. 2 Cannot Rest on the Original's Laurels WiiWiiU3DSDS

by Neal Ronaghan - 8:06 am EDT
Total comments: 44

The world of 2D platformers has changed for the better since 2006, making New Super Mario Bros. 2's job harder.

I'm in the early stages of New Super Mario Bros. 2 (review coming later this week) and one thought is coming to mind throughout it: "Wow, this feels awfully similar to New Super Mario Bros. on DS."

As I play it, it makes more sense to know why it's called NSMB 2 and not NSMB 3DS. This isn't a sequel... Read more...

August 3, 2012

Mario Isn't Missing Wii3DSWiiUDS

by Scott Thompson - 3:18 pm EDT
Total comments: 65

Are we approaching Mario fatigue? 

Earlier this week, I wrote a news story detailing the cooperative multiplayer mode in the upcoming (or already released, depending on where you live) New Super Mario Bros. 2. The story highlighted how the mode almost didn’t make the final cut, as the team working on the game didn’t think it would... Read more...

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