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Tears Of The Kingdom Sells 10m In Opening Weekend

by the NWR Staff - May 17, 2023, 9:45 am EDT
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Faster than a +6 Ninjask

It didn't take long for Tears of the Kingdom to move into second in the Zelda sales race.

Nintendo have confirmed that the May 12 release sold more than 10m copies in its opening weekend worldwide. This includes more than 4m sold in the United States alone - the biggest opening weekend in NoA history.

Early Japanese estimates have the game selling 2.24 million copies, while it is also the fastest selling Nintendo game ever in Europe.


decoymanMay 17, 2023

Good news! Would've been one higher, except I couldn't find a physical copy anywhere. Don't know the last time that happened for a flagship title… Kind of annoying, but also kind of cool?

Related: Will there be a review here? I just did a quick search but didn't turn one up yet.

GharnMay 18, 2023

@ decoyman:  These guys typically don't have release day reviews for games like this.  They're most likely still playing it right now, but keep checking back because they will have a review. 

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