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Nearly Twenty Other Titles Shown In November Indie World Presentation

by Donald Theriault - November 9, 2022, 9:06 pm EST
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We got everything here; deck building roguelikes, pet sims, giant drills... and kidnapping victims?

Aside from Sports Story's release window and the items out today, the Indie World show also included the following:

  • 3D pet simulator Wobbledogs is the next to launch, coming next Thursday (November 17) and with preloads open.
  • Goodbye World, an adventure game about game developers struggling to make ends meet that will include retro-style minigames, launches in November.
  • The famous PC roguelike deck builder Inscryption will come to Switch via Devolver on December 7.
  • Aka, a "small world" adventure game, will follow on December 15.
  • A Space for the Unbound, the adventure title set in the Philippines that was slated to be published by PQube before a legal dispute, has cleared the legal hurdles and has announced a January 19 release date published by Chorus Worldwide.
  • Blanc, the monochrome co-op platformer shown in the last Nintendo Direct, confirmed a Valentine's Day (February 14) launch.
  • Oni: Road To Be The Mightiest Oni is a 3D action/fighting hybrid where two characters will be controlled on one Joy-Con (or other controller) simultaneously: it is slated for March 9.
  • Have A Nice Death, an action roguelike involving destroying the bureaucracy of the underworld, has been announced by Gearbox for a March 22 release. Discounted preorders are open now.
  • Storyteller (published by Annapurna) will allow for building - or rebuilding - of stories both old and new when it launches in March.
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2 (subtitle Hibiscus and Butterfly) will bring the lofi barista visual novel back to Switch in spring.
  • Venba, a cooking tale about a mother immigrating to Canada from India in the 1980s, will also land in spring.
  • Dordogne, a tale of memory set in the French countryside, will finish a trio of "spring" releases.
  • WrestleQuest, the wrestling RPG starring Hall of Fame talents and current All Elite Wrestling executive Jeff Jarrett, announced a May release window.
  • World of Horror is a "1-bit" RPG inspired by the horror combination of Junji Ito and H. P. Lovecraft that will launch next summer after a Steam Early Access stint.
  • Desta: The Memories Between, a roguelite which features full voice acting and is focused around dodgeball in dreams, will awaken in "early 2023" on Switch; it is the latest project from the creators of Monument Valley.
  • Curse of the Sea Rats, a "ratroidvania" exploration platformer about political prisoners turned into rats, is also due in early 2023.
  • Pepper Grinder is a side-scrolling action platformer featuring loads of cash to collect and a hero with a giant drill, and it will come to Switch sometime next year via Devolver Digital.
  • Botany Manor, a puzzle adventure about raising plants in a stately mansion, is also due in 2023.

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