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December 14, 2001

Japan Experience Quasi-Review

by Jonathan Metts - 8:58 pm PST

Not sure if you should buy PGC's new video CD set? Jonny cuts through the hype to give you a straight answer.

As you may know, we just started selling a 2-CD video documentary that Billy and (MailMan) Mike Hrusecky made of Billy’s experience in Japan…Spaceworld, Akihabara, NCL Invasion, and of course, the Japanese GameCube Launch. Some of us staff have had the video for a few days, and I thought it would... Read more...

November 9, 2001

The old Adage is True

by Mike Hrusecky - 1:22 pm PST

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The impending Nintendo GameCube launch gives me a nostalgic feeling felt only once before as the N64 debuted in 1996...

Before the Internet was beginning to turn from a hobbyist’s toy into the mass media platform of today, information spread at the speed of television and print. You watched live TV as news broke, you watched the 6 o’clock news for the day’s coverage, or you read all about it in the following... Read more...

GameCube’s European Greeting

by Karlie Yeung - 10:01 am PST

With only Game Boy Advance until next Spring in Europe, can the GameCube successfully take away some of Playstation 2’s dominance?

With the US launch closer than ever, European gamers wait for Nintendo’s promise of a release date for the precious machine. Nothing has been revealed further than “Spring 2002” and will not be for a while to come.

A while ago there were rumours flying around that the GameCube will not... Read more...

November 5, 2001

How to buy a GameCube

by Billy Berghammer - 8:31 am PST

GameCube is set to launch in North America in a little more than a week, and we’re here to help you get a GameCube efficiently. It’s been a long wait, so why be troubled with fighting with people?

When the N64 was released back in 1996, I was one of the first people in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to get my hands on a Nintendo 64. I pre-ordered my N64 at a Software Etc. about a year before release, and even though I was more than guaranteed a system at launch, I was prepared, and got my system early,... Read more...

November 2, 2001

Lastability: A Dissertation.

by Jonathan Metts - 9:05 am PST

Just how important is lasting/replay value to the gaming experience? What is it about some games that keeps us playing them for years to come? Jonny tackles these questions in his latest editorial.

Ya know, when I think back to the days of playing NES and SNES every single day, I can’t ever remember complaining that a game was too short, or that it didn’t have any replay value. Sure, I was younger then and more easily amused, and of course I didn’t have the years of experience and immense (ha) gaming skill that I do now, but something was still different in the games.


October 26, 2001

NOA hits the MOA

by Billy Berghammer - 1:40 am PDT

The Cube Club finally hit Minneapolis. Geeks, chicks, and dudes who wish they were geekier. Impressions of night #1, just moments after it happened…

I’ve sat at home for the last 2 rounds of the Nintendo Cube Clubs, and it was finally my chance to see Nintendo’s US Marketing strategy up close and personal. It was also a chance to get my hands on some later builds of games and, well, just have a good time gaming. At about 5:30 pm I left for... Read more...

October 22, 2001

Cars, Collisions & Commercials

by Jonathan Metts - 8:36 pm PDT

Jonny and pals go to the EA Sports 500, watch fast cars, eat much junk food, film an Xbox commercial, and just generally create trouble.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no follower of NASCAR racing, and much less an expert on it, but I did have quite an enjoyable adventure at the very first EA Sports 500. I expected the day to be something like my journalism experiences at E3 and the Cube Clubs, despite the obviously different environment. What I got was something totally different, yet memorable in its own way.


October 12, 2001

GameCube's Memory Advantage

by David Trammell - 3:41 pm PDT

So, you've heard people say that GameCube's architecture is efficient, and clean, but what does this really mean? Perhaps it's time you found out.

Most people compare specs and screenshots of a system without any real idea of what is actually going on inside the box. In all the spec-mongering that goes on, one thing that is almost always overlooked is the RAM (Random Access Memory).

Why? I don't know. I imagine it's because the only thing... Read more...

September 13, 2001

Evil Dissected

by David Trammell - 9:28 pm PDT

Come take a look at the motivations behind Capcom's stunning announcement and the mechanics behind Resident Evil's stunning visuals.

The entire Resident Evil series is coming to GameCube. Shocking and completely unexpected probably explains this sentence best. As most of you now know, Capcom just made some huge announcements regarding the Resident Evil series and GameCube. No less than six games are planned in all. These six... Read more...

August 23, 2001

Why the new look for Zelda?

by Rick Powers - 9:00 am PDT

Nintendo conference call gives new insight into the startling design change for the GameCube Zelda title.

With all the hubbub over Zelda’s new “cel-shaded” look, many people are wondering, Why?

After having gotten off the conference call with Peter Main and Satoru Iwata, it became startlingly clear why Nintendo changed the look of Zelda. While fans worldwide loved the brief clips shown at... Read more...

August 19, 2001

Back to the Promised Land

by Billy Berghammer - 5:29 am PDT

Billy's posted his predictions and thoughts about Spaceworld 2001. What could be shown or announced at the big Sho'?

It’s finally going to be made official. I am heading back to Japan for Spaceworld 2001. This year (thank GOD) we actually have a team going! As I write this I am listening to the Hyrule Symphony kick out the Ocarina of Time soundtrack (word), and we’re about 3 hours away from Minneapolis, on... Read more...

August 16, 2001

"State of GameCube" Response

by Rick Powers - 7:23 pm PDT

A Counterpoint to Matt Casamassina’s editorial at IGNCube. Not only does Nintendo know what it has coming, Matt … it’s executing perfectly.

Matt isn’t the only one walking through his local malls, and seeing a plethora of XBox ads and promotional materials. The lack of Nintendo POP presence is certainly disturbing with launch now two and a half months out. The difference is that Nintendo is counting on the price difference, the games, and the positive press to sell the system INSTEAD of traditional advertising.


August 8, 2001

The Anatomy of an FPS

by David Trammell - 2:42 am PDT

With such games as Metroid Prime and Turok Evolution on the GameCube horizon, I thought it would be appropriate to take a detailed look at a couple of problems that plague most first person shooters.

What is an FPS? For the uninitiated, an FPS is a first person shooter; a genre of game whereby you take on the role of a character and look through his (or her) eyes for the duration of the game's play (did any body really need me to explain that). Of course, it wouldn't be a shooter without some... Read more...

July 19, 2001

Online Gaming: exposed

by David Trammell - 3:23 am PDT

David returns from a three week Diablo-induced coma packing an exposé detailing the twisted underbelly of online gaming.

Ever since Sega decided to include a 56k modem as part of the Dreamcast hardware, the gaming media has been buzzing with the potential for online console gaming. "Play against real people anytime you want!" they say. "You get the whole screen to yourself, and you can play against more than four... Read more...

July 14, 2001

Look Who's Come to Play

by Mike Orlando - 10:50 pm PDT

Sony used to be a company who pumped out mediocre software with an immense third party backing. Oh how times have changed.

Man, there are some things you’d never imagine being said. What will the next Sonic game look like on Nintendo’s upcoming system? What will be the best selling GameCube launch game, which (barring any Space World announcement) will not feature a Mario title? Some of these questions are proof that... Read more...

July 4, 2001

Happy Independence Day!

by Max Lake - 12:07 pm PDT

Max celebrates 4th of July on PGC & sets off fireworks Super Mario Bros. style! (NOTE: Not patriotic blather!)

Usually we notice all so-called “post office holidays” to give greeting card type shout outs to readers & remind geeks living in the basement what day it is. Today I felt like saying a bit more.

I just got back from Columbus where last night I witnessed “Red, White & Boom,” possibly... Read more...

June 11, 2001

Nintendo Fires Its First Shot

by Rick Powers - 10:36 am PDT

Today, Nintendo’s first shot in the next-generation of video game wars was fired. Rick Powers attempts to illuminate why the battle may be over before it’s even started …

It’s tempting to say something clichéd, like “they never knew what hit them,” or “it was over before it began.” It’s tempting, but needs to be avoided because it just isn’t true. Sony and Microsoft have known this has been coming for a long time now. Nintendo’s plan to use Game... Read more...

June 4, 2001

The Click!

by David Trammell - 2:30 am PDT

After months of speculation on a possible secret function in the GameCube's controller, it was revealed that the L and R buttons have click-action built into them. What might this be used for?

I remember when I first looked at GameCube's controller; it looked odd. I'm not talking about the appearance though. I thought it was odd because, aside from the button layout, it didn't really bring anything new to the table. Nintendo practically invented the L and R button with the SNES, and... Read more...

May 31, 2001

Don't Count Your Pikmin...

by Ed Shih - 11:07 pm PDT

E3 is over and Nintendo fans are still euphoric. Leave it to Rick Powers to dampen the festivities. Note, tonight, Mr. Ed Shih is filling in for the role of the Reserved Skeptic.

Don't Count Your Pikmin Before They Sprout

Nintendo’s performance at E3 is certainly something about which fans can get excited, but don’t assume a strong E3 is any indication of a company’s success. One need only look back to last year’s E3 where Sega was the consensus choice for best... Read more...

May 25, 2001

The Power of Absence

by Jonathan Metts - 7:53 pm PDT

What's up with Nintendo not showing Mario at E3? Where were Zelda and Pokemon? Jonny Metts offers an answer that you probably weren't expecting.

Regardless of who you think “won” E3 2001, Nintendo’s presence has garnered a lot more discussion than either of its competitors. I wish I could settle the whole thing right now by saying that Nintendo’s booth was far more crowded and popular and noisy and cramped and all kinds of other good... Read more...

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