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November 29, 2000

Step Back and Think

by Jonathan Metts - 3:39 pm PST
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Jon takes a look at the logics behind the Eternal Darkness and Dino Planet GameCube rumours...

Lately a lot of talk has been going around regarding the future of a few key N64 titles. Some people seem to think that Eternal Darkness, Dinosaur Planet, and maybe even Conker's Bad Fur Day are destined to shift from N64 development over to the GameCube launch. Fair enough; I can see why they might... Read more...

November 10, 2000

Hasta La Vista, FMV!

by Jonathan Metts - 3:45 pm PST

With all of the Shiny New Game Consoles coming out, will there still be a need for Pre-rendered movie scenes? Jon says "NO!" and here's his explanation why...

Say goodbye to full-motion video, better known as FMV to gamers, in the next generation of videogame systems. It had its time in the limelight, and some people would say it was a major creative force in the 32-bit era. Nearly all gaming FMV was recorded footage of very high-quality computer-generated... Read more...

October 16, 2000

Smaller is Better

by Jonathan Metts - 7:52 am PDT

Jonathan Metts takes a look at Nintendo's decision to not go with standard DVD media

Since Nintendo's revelation at Spaceworld that the GameCube (or N-Cube as I prefer to call it) would use miniature DVDs instead of standard ones, the company has caught a lot of flak from the press. Many are already predicting the system's failure, because in their eyes, Nintendo has not made enough... Read more...

September 13, 2000

Jon's Spaceworld Impressions

by Jonathan Metts - 3:59 pm PDT

Remember how we were all told "Wait until Spaceworld"? Did Jon think it worth the wait? Find out by reading his editorial!

I remember snooping around E3 this year, trying to dig up ANY info on "Dolphin" that I could get my hands on. It seemed like everywhere I looked, I ran into a brick wall, and on that wall were the words "Wait until Spaceworld!" Ugh. Spaceworld seemed so far away! So, to say that I was eagerly anticipating... Read more...

Ed's Spaceworld Impressions

by Ed Shih - 3:54 pm PDT

Take a look at Ed's impressions of the GameCube unveiling!

Okay, it's been almost 3 weeks since the big night on the GameCube unveiling. Spaceworld 2000 has come and gone and it's about time I officially weighed in on the subject. So without further ado, here are the impressions of this Planet staffer.


I'm pretty impressed with the GameCube's...

Kosta's Spaceworld Impressions

by Kosta Andreadis - 3:49 pm PDT

Spaceworld may have come and gone, leaving Nintendo fans in a daze of empty pop bottles, nachos bags and damn impressive hardware. Now, Kosta shares his feeling on The Big Night.

Having access to the Internet through the days of August 24-27 was definitely the next best thing to being at SpaceWorld 2000. Without a doubt the impact of the Gamecube and GBA debut travelled the globe to the many Nintendo fans and purists whom have waited so very, very long for that first look.... Read more...

September 8, 2000

A Pessimistic Fan and Dolphin

by Jaymin Reed - 6:52 pm PDT

Jaymin rings in with his view on the GameCube unveiling.

It is none more than general wise sentiment for one living in constant, livid anticipation of an single event for so long as a period of a full one and another half years to accept, gracefully of course, that upon the climax of his/her waiting affair, they're likely not going to be in a state of mind (or body) that much lends its atmosphere to the general range of those experienced in their day-to-day (and waiting) lives.


September 7, 2000

MAXimum GameCube Impressions

by Max Lake - 7:00 pm PDT

Proof once more that our Fearless Leader is also the Master of Awful Puns.

"Wow." That pretty much sums up my reaction to what Nintendo showed off at Space World, I think many were anticipating a very minimal Game Cube presence at Space World; it was. Still, it was significant. I was really surprised as to what Nintendo showed off and what they didn't. Overall, (and I think... Read more...

September 5, 2000

My Belated Impressions

by Justin Nation - 10:00 pm PDT

After taking a moment to absorb everything slopped onto his plate at SpaceWorld, Justin Nation is ready to dig in while sharing it with everyone else...

OK, OK, OK... so I've been slacking. Sort of. It figures that on the very day the smack came down from Japan when GameCube was unveiled my wife ended up mashing her finger in the sliding door to the van, necessitating a trip to the hospital, stitches, and me generally taking over care of the baby.... Read more...

August 30, 2000

The Story So Far

by Ed Shih - 7:46 pm PDT

An informative look at the "Next-Gen" consoles. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of each in the following editorial

The following is an analysis of the next-generation consoles based on information as of 9/00. The analysis looks ahead to Fall 2001, when the last two entrants to the next-generation console war make their debut. This is not meant to predict any winners or determine which system is superior. It should, however, lay out the relative strengths and weaknesses of the systems as well as a description of the their status as of Fall 2001.


August 29, 2000

Brining Speculation to an End

by Max Lake - 7:49 pm PDT

Max hyperventilates over his excitement of the GameCube unveiling.

Off to Space World : Gambare Berghammer-San!

I 'm ready to burst. Billy is packed, ready and en route to Japan. Other Planet staffers are digging their heels in, stocking up on the caffeine and getting ready for action. It's Space World week, Planeteers, and I couldn't be more excited! We're... Read more...

August 27, 2000

Sizing Things Up

by Rick Powers - 10:00 pm PDT

Rick Powers makes a guest-appearence to comment on Spaceworld.

It's been a long time

It's been a long time, and just when it seemed the world couldn't wait any longer he returns. And returns in a BIG way.

Luigi, of course. Who did you think I was referring to?

Surely by now, every Nintendo fan has heard the news of GameCube, the "next-generation"... Read more...

March 24, 2000

Maybe It's Not Enough

by Steven Thomas - 5:24 pm PST

Check out this oldie but goodie from the Planet archives...

I, like so many other N64 owners out there was one of the thousands of people responsible for nearly crashing IGNs servers, and flooding their IRC chatroom waaay to freakin' early this morning, in hopes of learning about the big news.

And big it is. While normally, had the story just... Read more...

March 23, 2000

Come Ride My Dark Horse

by Steven Thomas - 10:00 pm PST

Steven Thomas explores some things to ponder when it comes to Nintendo's next-gen plans...

ON24.com publishes a weekly special called Executive Impact. This week, Executuve Impact featured THQ's Brian Farrell, President and CEO of THQ. The special speaks of market focus during a transitional year, and while most of it would be considered un-interesting to your average gamer .. there was one particular little quip that caught my attention:


March 21, 2000

The Waiting Game

by Justin Nation - 10:00 pm PST

While the nay-sayers love to try to eat up Nintendo's strategy as providing too little info too late there may be more to their delay than meets the impatient eye…

It seems to me as I read more and more on the Net that there is one major and prevailing opinion used in order to spell doom and gloom for Nintendo. The argument roughly states this, and you can find it everywhere: The longer Nintendo waits to release information, screen shots, and more… the tougher... Read more...

March 9, 2000

Rise and Fall

by Scott McCall - 9:57 pm PST

N64HQ's founder, Scott McCall is back on the Nintendo scene with a new editorial! It's kind of an introduction to why he came back, as well as a recap/preview of the 32-64bit wars. Scott disses the N6

Want to watch a good soap opera? Your local network affiliate isn't the only place to find one. The Nintendo 64 itself has followed a soap opera-like script more so than any other video game system in the industry's short history. Nintendo's much-hyped "Project Reality" has gone from a record-setting... Read more...

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