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David Trammell

"It often happens that the universal belief of one age ... becomes to a subsequent age so palpable an absurdity that the only difficulty is to imagine how such an idea could ever have appeared credible." --John Stuart Mill

39, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US

David Trammell Staff Alumnus

Systems Owned

  • Consoles: Wii
  • Game Boy Advance and Game Boy (2x). Personal Computer: About top of the line two years ago.
  • GameCube
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Nintendo and Intellivision. Handhelds: Nintendo DS
  • PS2
  • PSX
  • Saturn
  • Super Nintendo
  • XBox
  • XBox 360
  • Currently Playing

    • Final Fantasy XII (PS2) and Castlevania PoR (DS). Whew!
    • Gears of War (360)
    • Guitar Hero I and II (PS2)
    • Wii Sports (Wii)
    • Zelda (Wii)

    Games Most Desired

    • Hellgate London (PC)
    • Metroid [2D!] (DS)
    • Metroid Prime 3 (Wii)
    • Resident Evil 5 (?)
    • Resident Evil ? (Wii)
    • Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
    • the next game from the Ico/SotC team (PS3).

    Favorite Developers

    • Retro Studios

    Favorite Movies

    • as long as the movie is of excellent quality. I'm most partial to sci-fi
    • Pulp Fiction would probably be my favorite movie of all time. I also like Star Wars despite everything. I liked the original Matrix a lot. There's not many genres of movie I don't enjoy
    • well acted characters with great dialogue and interesting visuals.

    Favorite Music

    • and other instrumental music.
    • I have a long history with music and enjoy a very diverse mixture of genre's. My favorite contemporary music is "rock" (anything good since Elvis; but usually focusing on more recent bands with a prominent guitar sound like Zeppelin
    • Metallica or Sound Garden)). I also enjoy electronic music of many different kinds (anything from NIN to video game music if it sounds good). I also like some classical music
    • Sabbath
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