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November 24, 2004

Feature Hungry

by Jonathan Metts - 11:33 pm PST

Are Nintendo DS games making good enough use of the system’s new features?

With Nintendo’s introduction of the Nintendo DS and its radical new features, there is a new question surrounding the system’s launch that we don’t normally see when new hardware is introduced. Read some reviews around the Internet, or hop into our DS forums. You’ll find many people enjoying... Read more...

October 25, 2004

PlayStation or Xbox?

by Jonathan Metts - 8:44 pm PDT

In many people’s minds, GameCube isn’t even a contender.

As some of you may know, my alma mater, Auburn University, is doing pretty well in football this year. During halftime of every home game, there’s a new feature this year. One star player from the team is interviewed about all kinds of silly stuff, like his favorite food, favorite stadium to play in, worst teammate to room with, etc. The question that usually elicits the most crowd response is: “PlayStation or Xbox?”


March 7, 2004

Don't Leave Me Now

by Jonathan Metts - 7:26 pm PST

Jonny takes a look at the exodus of third-party publishers from GameCube, and what Nintendo can do to stop it, both now and for the next console.

Nintendo practically invented the console licensing business with its Famicom/NES system in the 1980s. The idea was that Nintendo would design and manufacture a game system, market it to the public so that everyone wanted one, and make it irresistible to other game companies, who would want to sell... Read more...

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