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March 24, 2000

Maybe It's Not Enough

by Steven Thomas - 5:24 pm PST

Check out this oldie but goodie from the Planet archives...

I, like so many other N64 owners out there was one of the thousands of people responsible for nearly crashing IGNs servers, and flooding their IRC chatroom waaay to freakin' early this morning, in hopes of learning about the big news.

And big it is. While normally, had the story just... Read more...

March 23, 2000

Come Ride My Dark Horse

by Steven Thomas - 10:00 pm PST

Steven Thomas explores some things to ponder when it comes to Nintendo's next-gen plans...

ON24.com publishes a weekly special called Executive Impact. This week, Executuve Impact featured THQ's Brian Farrell, President and CEO of THQ. The special speaks of market focus during a transitional year, and while most of it would be considered un-interesting to your average gamer .. there was one particular little quip that caught my attention:


March 21, 2000

The Waiting Game

by Justin Nation - 10:00 pm PST

While the nay-sayers love to try to eat up Nintendo's strategy as providing too little info too late there may be more to their delay than meets the impatient eye…

It seems to me as I read more and more on the Net that there is one major and prevailing opinion used in order to spell doom and gloom for Nintendo. The argument roughly states this, and you can find it everywhere: The longer Nintendo waits to release information, screen shots, and more… the tougher... Read more...

March 9, 2000

Rise and Fall

by Scott McCall - 9:57 pm PST

N64HQ's founder, Scott McCall is back on the Nintendo scene with a new editorial! It's kind of an introduction to why he came back, as well as a recap/preview of the 32-64bit wars. Scott disses the N6

Want to watch a good soap opera? Your local network affiliate isn't the only place to find one. The Nintendo 64 itself has followed a soap opera-like script more so than any other video game system in the industry's short history. Nintendo's much-hyped "Project Reality" has gone from a record-setting... Read more...

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