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New Story Details And Pokemon Unveiled For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, Branded Hardware Announced

by Donald Theriault - September 7, 2022, 9:20 am EDT
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Putting the "giant" in "giant enemy crab" this time.

The latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has unveiled new details about the world of Paldea and its resident.

The story will focus on a "treasure hunt", though a group of delinquent students known as Team Star will be in the way of the hunt. A second story known as "Victory Road" after the traditional location will be focused on the gym challenge as well, with tests (possibly similar to the ones in Sword and Shield) being required to face the leader. Artist and gym leader Brassius was shown as a Grass-type specialist, though his "ace" Pokemon is a Sudowoodo (a normal Rock type) Terastalized into a grass type.

A new Pokemon was shown - the rock crab Klawf - in a larger "titan" form. This will be part of a questline involving hunting down rare "Herba Mystica".

Team Star will feature various squads focused on different types, and players will have to burst through the squad in an "Auto Battle" (battling multiple Pokemon with one) before taking on the various squad leaders. The auto-battling will also be available by a "Let's Go" function, where a Pokemon can be directed to grab items and battle on its own.

Nintendo have separately announced a new Switch OLED to launch on 11/4 that will be Scarlet and Violet themed, with the badges of the version-dependent schools. It will retail for US$359.99 or equivalent.


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