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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer Expands Features, Reveals New Evolution

by Donald Theriault - October 6, 2022, 9:29 am EDT
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Several hundred times 18... OH MY ARCEUS THAT'S A LOT OF POKEMON.

The Pokemon Company has released a 14 minute trailer for Scarlet and Violet that expanded on known features and revealed a few new items.

Among a demonstration of the Terastal phenomenon includes a claim that any Pokemon can have a Terastal form of any type, and a battle against a wild Tera Pokemon was also shown alongside a raid battle. The wild Pokemon actually can lose the Terastal form if enough damage is dealt in battle. Later, a new move "Tera Blast" was shown which changes type depending on the Tera form the user is in.

Technical Machines will return, though this time they can be crafted using items dropped after defeating wild Pokemon and "League Points".

A "picnic" function appears to combine the Pokemon grooming seen in the Sun and Moon games with the camping of Sword and Shield, including the ability to play with Pokemon and create food for buffs (sandwiches, rather than curry, are the food of choice in Scarlet and Violet).

After demonstrating a link trade, a new Pokemon was revealed - Firagarif, which evolves from Girafaraig via an unknown method. It retains the Normal/Psychic type of its prior form, though the colors are mostly inverted as befits the name. Nintendo of America's Twitter revealed later that Firagarif's innate abilities are both new ones: Cud Chew (applies the effect of a consumed berry again at the end of the next turn) or Armor Tail (prevents opposing Pokemon from using moves with increased priority such as Quick Attack).

The character customization functions were shown, including the ability to edit eyebrows and the shape of the player character's eyes as well as their hair.

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