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Multiple Game Announcements Featured At 2022 Limited Run Games Expo

by Donald Theriault - June 6, 2022, 8:41 pm EDT
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And they said [redacted] would be digital only...

Limited Run Games held their sixth summer presentation earlier today, announcing a new slew of physical releases and some newly released titles.

New Switch Titles (all have physical limited releases)

  • The quickest to release of their new titles is the Bill and Ted's Excellent Retro Adventure, a collection of the two NES games and the Game Boy game based on the early 1990s movies starring Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. The games will go into preorder and also be available digitally on June 9.
  • A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection (containing the original NES game and a Game Boy game) is due later this year.
  • WayForward's next new title Spidersaurs (previously released on Apple Arcade) was reconfirmed for Switch as first reported by Game Informer, and is coming soon. WayForward also announced a publishing deal for Kickstarted platformer Lunark.
  • Ziggurat Interactive's latest RPG obscurity Enclave HD (a 2002 RPG) will be coming in summer.
  • The newest title from Battle Princess Madelyn developer Monster Bath Games Deathwish Enforcers will launch on Switch, though no window was given.
  • Kickstartered 3D platformer Frogun will come to Switch, no window given.
  • Rendering Ranger R2, a 1995 Super Famicom-exclusive title that only released 10,000 copies in its run and developed by the creator of Turrican, will release on Switch: among the options for the physical release is a functioning Super Nintendo version.

Other Switch Physical Releases

Among larger titles receiving the physical treatment are Doom Eternal - whose initial physical run was cancelled in 2020 - the upcoming Shadowrun Trilogy, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, and Tetris Effect Connected. Other previously released or announced titles receiving physical releases: American Hero (preorders open now), (Konami) Arcade Classics: Anniversary Collection, BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad, Blade Runner: Blossom Tales II, DoDonPachi Resurrection, ESPagluda 2, Garden Story, PowerSlave: Exhumed, River City Girls 2, Skelattack, TMNT: Shredder's Revenge (with a coupon for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, valid only in the United States), and UnderMine.

Other Physical Releases

3DS eShop title Go! Go! Kokopolo 3D will receive limited physical preservation, only the second 3DS card LRG has ever produced. Reissues of D (mid 1990s horror game famously developed by the late Kenji Eno) with a functioning 3DO disc, and a reissue of Glover for the Nintendo 64 were also confirmed.

Literally Why

As threatened at the end of the 2021 presentation, infamous FMV title Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is still due for release before the end of 2022.

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