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Switch Online Expansion Pass Adding Paper Mario To N64 Library December 10

by Donald Theriault - December 2, 2021, 8:37 pm EST
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This is the paper. It lets me know when I've stopped being funny. (Enough already - Ed)

The Switch Online Expansion Pass is expanding just a bit more before the holidays.

Nintendo have revealed the first of the promised second group of N64 titles, the original Paper Mario, will release on December 10. A brief trailer is below:

The August 2000 release (in North America) sees Mario and a cast of helper characters trying to rebuild the Star Rod in order to rescue the perpetually kidnapped Princess Peach.


KhushrenadaDecember 03, 2021


This is the paper. It lets me know when I've stopped being funny. (Enough already - Ed)

I don't understand any of that...


Of all the games shown for the N64 online expansion, this is the one I most wanted because it's the N64 game I've had the highest urge to go back and replay. Been thinking about doing that for a couple years now. Yet, it's not a $40 more dollar urge when I can just pop it into my N64. There's a lot about the game I remember but also  a lot that's faded and seeing that trailer was a lot "oh yeah!"s as it refreshed my memory. Really increasing the urge to replay it now.

This game alone makes the N64 Switch Online virtual console offerings a delight for me. I played it when I was in the hospital for a couple days as a kid and it's earned forever a place in my heart because of that.

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