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XSEED Pursuing Limited Edition of The Last Story for North America This July

by Danny Bivens - May 8, 2012, 9:37 am EDT
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You may have the option to get extra goodies this summer with your purchase.

XSEED Games is pursuing the release of both a standard edition and a limited edition version of The Last Story in North America this July. It's unknown how similar a limited edition package might be to what was previously made available in Europe, where the game hit shelves this past February. Nintendo, not XSEED, was the game's publisher in that market, and they released a bundle that contained a copy of the game, a steel book case, a soundtrack, and an art book.

Currently, many online retailers, such as Gamestop and Amazon, have The Last Story listed for a July 10 release. XSEED told NWR that they are aiming for a July release but do not have a concrete release date as of this time.


geoMay 08, 2012


broodwarsMay 08, 2012

Barring some major problem with the Limited Edition (or a ridiculous price hike), I'm definitely buying that.

AdrockMay 08, 2012

Quote from: geo


I know, right? They had me at "limited."

GoldenPhoenixMay 08, 2012

I really hope Xseed is doing ok business wise, they really have brought a lot of great stuff to the Wii that would have otherwise been ignored. I'll do my best to get this limited edition!

Yeah, I'm hoping they can make this Limited Edition work because I'm DEFINITELY stoked for this game. They didn't say it was confirmed yet. T-T

ejamerMay 08, 2012

If this bonus material is the same stuff that was included with the European limited edition then it's all high quality and worth springing for.  The art book is very nice, and while the music isn't as good as Xenoblade it's still a nice (if short) soundtrack CD.

DanielMDaniel Mousseau, Staff AlumnusMay 08, 2012

I'm a sucker for Collector's/Limited Editions, and I'm really hyped for this game.

EnnerMay 08, 2012

I hope they make it work. I would like to have the extras the limited edition offers. The freebie art book for Xenoblade is surprisingly nicer than its peers.

Chocobo_RiderMay 08, 2012

Quote from: DanielM

I'm a sucker for Collector's/Limited Editions, and I'm really hyped for this game.


I held off on the Euro version just for this, so I hope they deliver.

Mop it upMay 09, 2012

This is bad timing for me, I'll be going on vacation in July and I need to make sure I have enough money to do everything that I want to do. I wonder how many of these they will make...

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