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News Digest - May 8, 2012

by Daan Koopman and Neal Ronaghan - May 8, 2012, 5:31 pm PDT
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Neal assembles with Daan to discuss Retro Studios rumors, Resident Evil rumors, Blockbusters rumors, and things that aren't rumors. 

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The second week of News Digest kicks off with Neal and our Euro Bro Daan Koopman talking about the Retro Studios and Star Fox Wii U rumor. Then we slide into some more rumor bait with a possible new Resident Evil 3DS game and Blockbuster UK's totally fake list of Wii U games.

Neal impersonates Miyamoto and talks about how the Vita has no games, and then we finish it all up with a dose of XSEED and Shin'en.

We welcome your questions/comments/critiques. We want to make News Digest as good as possible, and we only know its quality if you speak up. Of course we're all going to tell each other it's good. We at Connectivity love patting each other on the back.

This episode was edited by Neal Ronaghan.

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