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Scribblenauts Heading to DS This September

by Pedro Hernandez - July 23, 2009, 9:23 pm EDT
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The ambitious DS game will makes its debut this September.

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that 5th Cell's innovative DS title Scribblenauts will be released on September 15, 2009.

Since its announcement, Scribblenauts has received numerous recognitions from the industry thanks to its unique concept. Players take control of lead character Maxwell as they encounter over 200 puzzle challenges. Items can be summoned by writing or typing a word on the touch screen. It uses a robust dictionary that has thousands of words in it.


ejamerJuly 24, 2009

I've never preordered a game before Scribblenauts, but this was a perfect storm of reasons...

1) The game looks awesome. Sure, it might not have the tightest gameplay or best graphics - but the concept is incredible and (as far as I know) completely new.  Just messing around on the sandbox title screen looks priceless.

2) I'm never in on the "hot new thing" for gaming, but this time all the hype got me really excited.  DS games aren't that expensive, and it's coming out right by my birthday.  So why not be part of the fun from day one?

3) My wife might actually play this game.  She usually prefers animal crossing or farming simulations... but this could easily catch her imagination.

4) I moved recently and really like the EB Games staff nearby.  (A couple of really helpful, friendly, cute chinese girls?  What's not to like?)  The preorder looks good for them, and ensures I'll actually have a copy in stock.

So who else is planning on getting the game when it comes out?

KDR_11kJuly 25, 2009

Me, most likely. DS games aren't that cheap here (40€, comparable to a PC game) but it sounds worth it and I love logic puzzles.

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