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Pedro Hernandez

40, Jayuya, Puerto Rico, US

Pedro Hernandez Contributing Writer


Systems Owned

  • Nintendo DS
  • Wii
  • XBOX 360
  • Currently Playing

    • Animal Crossing City Folk
    • Wii Fit

    Games Most Desired

    • Excitebots
    • Punch-Out Wii
    • Sonic and the Black Knight
    • Wii Sports Resort

    Favorite Developers

    • Nintendo and many others

    Favorite Movies

    • Disney's Aladdin
    • Ed Wood
    • Finding Nemo
    • King of Kong
    • Lord of the Rings trilogy
    • Mindgame
    • Moulin Rouge
    • Porco Rosso
    • Ratatouille
    • Spirited Away
    • The Lion King
    • The Matrix
    • Wall-E
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