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Sonic on GBA for 15th Anniversary

by Jonathan Metts - June 23, 2006, 6:39 am PDT
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The original Sonic the Hedgehog game will be released on GBA with some special additions.

SEGA's Video Game Icon Sonic The Hedgehog Celebrates 15th Birthday With Four New Releases


-- The Blue Dude With the 'Tude Rockets Onto Next-Gen Consoles With Sonic The Hedgehog on PS3 and Xbox 360, a New Sonic Adventure on the Wii, Sonic Rivals on PSP, and a Special Edition of Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for the GBA

He's fast, he's blue, he's sold over 44 million games, and he just turned 15 years old! Tomorrow, SEGA(R) will join millions of fans around the world to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog's 15th birthday and his continued success with four bold new upcoming games. Born on June 23, 1991 as the fastest, most technologically advanced character for the SEGA(R) Genesis(R) console, Sonic continues to innovate as he prepares to blast onto next-gen consoles and the Sony PlayStation(R)Portable system with groundbreaking new adventures. Additionally, in honor of its beloved mascot's 16-bit roots, SEGA will release the game that started it all with Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis exclusively for the Game Boy(R) Advance this November. The game will feature two new additions to the classic 1991 debut including Sonic's famous Spin-Dash move and a new save ability, and will retail at the special price of $19.95.

Fans will be treated throughout the year to special 15th anniversary events, culminating with the release of three original Sonic adventures shipping later this year, as well as the original Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for the Game Boy Advance. Sonic will make his first appearance on next-gen consoles with the dynamic new adventure Sonic The Hedgehog for the PlayStation(R)3 and Xbox 360(TM) this fall. Sonic The Hedgehog melds top-tier production values with next-gen art, physics, and game design to create the fastest and most intense Sonic experience yet. Featuring brand new interactive 3D environments, Sonic gameplay is taken to a whole new level with a large cast of new and returning characters, and a blistering sense of speed. Sonic will also debut this fall on the PSP(R) with Sonic Rivals, a one-on-one racing platformer that also features Knuckles amongst other rivals combining classic 2D gameplay with 3D worlds. Available in 2007, a new Sonic adventure is also in development for the Wii(TM) console, combining Sonic's high velocity with the unique Wii controller and a colorful retelling of the classic tale Arabian Nights.

"Sonic's 15th birthday is a landmark occasion bringing SEGA and Sonic fans together to celebrate the hedgehog's trademark speed, heroism, and attitude," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "The breathtaking speed and gameplay innovation that Sonic introduced in 1991 will reach new heights in Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Rivals, and Sonic's new adventure for the Wii. These titles continue a super-Sonic legacy of ground-breaking gameplay and story elements that only next-gen consoles can deliver."

In addition to his video game fame, the "blue dude with the 'tude" has starred in two animated TV series, numerous comic book adventures, and an animated movie -- he's even had his own theme park and was the first and only video game character ever featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. But it's his video games that matter most to his legions of fans. Sonic has starred in more than 30 video game adventures, a distinction that earned him his star on the 'Walk of Game' landmark honoring pioneering gaming icons.

With the four upcoming new games, Sonic The Hedgehog is ready to blaze his way to the top of the video game world with the same speed, optimism, and brashness that set the gaming world on fire in 1991.

About Sonic The Hedgehog

Currently celebrating his 15th anniversary, Sonic The Hedgehog is one of the most popular video game icons of all time with over 44 million games sold worldwide.

-- Over 8,000 Sonic games are sold worldwide every day

-- Gamers have spent over 500 million hours and collected over 66 billion gold rings playing Sonic The Hedgehog games


BloodworthDaniel Bloodworth, Staff AlumnusJune 23, 2006


Gamers have... collected over 66 billion gold rings playing Sonic The Hedgehog games


dack25June 23, 2006

Ah Sonic, probably the first video game I remember playing. I grew up watching the cartoons and playing the games. Then 9/9/99 came. The Sonic franchise hasn't been the same since that day, almost all of the 3D Sonics have sucked. Hopefully this will chane with the Wii game. The GBA game sounds interesting but probably not enough for me to warrent a purchase.

BiLdItUp1June 23, 2006

hmm...I personally want Sonic 2, so I don't have to resort to using the Nomad in the back of my closet. (I'm thinkin' it should go to eBay).

EDIT: Obvoiusly I mean for portable use...yeah, I do know about the numerous compilations available, not to mention ROMs...

ArbokJune 23, 2006

$20 for a port of a game where the new toutable features are "Sonic's famous Spin-Dash move and a new save ability"? No thanks, especially considering that most likely still have the Mega Collection.

Also hard to justify the GBA version's cost when this game has already been confirmed (and has been played) on Wii and will likely cost no more than five bucks in that format. But I guess portable is a big draw for some people. I tend to think of the first Sonic as a rough start -- 2, 3, and Knuckles are so much better.

Ian SaneJune 23, 2006

"Also hard to justify the GBA version's cost when this game has already been confirmed (and has been played) on Wii and will likely cost no more than five bucks in that format."

That's probably why they're releasing it now. Might as well port the game to everything under the sun before the Wii VC comes out and changes things.

Now I assume the spin dash won't be in the Wii version since it wasn't in the Genesis game. There's a reason to justify the existance of the port I guess. I think Sonic 1 had the Spin Dash in Sonic Jam for the Saturn as well.

I agree with Jonny that Sonic is a bit of a rough start. It's historically significant but if you were going to pick one Sonic game to be preserved for all eternity Sonic 1 would not be it. It's still aged better than the first Metroid and Zelda though. I'd compare it more to Super Mario Bros or the first Mega Man: not as good as later sequels but still playable.

KDR_11kJune 23, 2006

I don't see what's bad about Sonic. It has no annoying chem plants and doesn't crash, two big plusses over Sonic 2.

Luigi DudeJune 23, 2006

I think it's a great idea since I find Sonic 1 to be the best of the Sonic games. It actually had a challenge to it and could be considered a platformer. Sonic 2 and 3 while still fun games, were just rollercosters where you held right on the controller the entire level and watched Sonic run. Only the later levels in Sonic 2 and 3 actually made the games exciting again but it doesn't help that I was bored playing through the first 75% of the games before getting to thoughs.

Sonic 1 on the other hand has never gotten boring. The levels were designed in ways that your not holding right the entire way, plus there's plenty of traps and challenges that actually require skills to get through. Which makes it fun everytime I sit down to play.

DjunknownJune 23, 2006

How come no Sonic Rush 2? Sonic Advance 4? Yet the PSP gets a brand spankin' new adventure? Has Sega learned nothing? Time and time again, Nintendo fans have shown their support for the blue blur (and the blue bomber but that's another story...), and all they get is a re-hash at a ridiculous price?

That's enough bitching. Adding the spin dash would make it laughably easy. Adding the save feature is understandable for a portable, but its just 18 or so levels. They have to add something else for replayability....

darknight06June 23, 2006

I'm almost tempted to check it out just to see how they handle the resolution difference. Porting SNES games was one thing since the only real hurdle you had to jump was the downsizing from 224 to 160. Sonic is gonna have to take visual cuts going both ways and I really don't see that boding well for it.

KDR_11kJune 23, 2006

Adding the spin dash would make it laughably easy.

How so?

MarioJune 23, 2006

Because then you could spin dash.

Sonic 1 will always be a classic because of the level design and brilliant music, and because it introduced Sonic!

Infernal MonkeyJune 23, 2006

I'll probably pick this up, a portable version of one of my favorite games ever~. But the music has me worried, previous Mega Drive ports on GBA have suffered from raped soundtracks, but then I think most of them were handled by THQ or something.

KDR_11kJune 24, 2006

The spin dash is only good for regaining speed when you don't have enough room to start running.

Sonic 1's level design was interesting but mismatched with the controls. I agree with Jonny: 2 or 3&K would be better portables. And yes, the spin dash is only good for regaining speed, which should really come in handy for Sonic 1.

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