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Nintendo News Report: The PAX East Home Team

by Justin Berube, Zachary Miller, and Donald Theriault - April 5, 2018, 3:31 pm PDT
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No Dropkick Murphys on the jukebox tonight.

Hey everyone! We'll celebrate night one of PAX East tonight at 10:30 Eastern with the News Report crew that didn't ship up to Boston - Donald, Zach, and Justin - hitting the big stories of the week. There's some interesting games announced for Switch to talk about, but the biggest news may be something that hasn't been confirmed for Switch. Yet.

Don't forget to grab the audio version of the show on iTunes (also, throw us a review and Alex will address it live), Google Play or in your podcatcher of choice!


MASBApril 09, 2018

Happy Belated Birthday to Don's mom! :)

The look on Zach's face when he found out that Justin had a Punch-Out!! arcade machine and what he paid for it was priceless.

Great work and discussion as always guys.

BTW, when is Alex going to be able fix his webcam? Your viewership numbers may go down if this goes on for too much longer! ;) :)

You right, you right. It's gone on far too long!

I'll see what I can do  :D .

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