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Maker Mailbag: A Super Mario Maker 2 Contest!

by Matthew Zawodniak - June 27, 2019, 11:39 pm PDT
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Let's get making!

To celebrate the release of Super Mario Maker 2, Nintendo World Report will be hosting the first edition of Maker Mailbag: a new series where we play YOUR levels and select winners in a number of categories. Your levels will be played by our panel of judges—some of whom will be on stream at Nintendo World Report’s Twitch channel—and four winners will be able to choose one item from our list of prizes!

The best levels will be selected from four categories:

Original Flavor

This category is for levels that feel like they could’ve been created by Nintendo for an official Super Mario Bros. game. They don’t get too crazy; they’re simple, thought out, and most importantly they’re fun! Channel your inner Tezuka when making these levels!

Best Kaizo Level

Kaizo levels are designed with high difficulty in mind! Test our skills with the most devilishly devious tricks you can come up with. Remember that a great Kaizo level isn’t just hard—it’s also creative. Don’t just throw a bunch of saw blades at us and call it a day; figure out a unique challenge that surprises us as much as it frustrates us!

Best Theme/Aesthetic

Gameplay is important, but it isn’t everything. To win this category you’ll need to make a level that looks as good as it plays. Think of a setting or story for your level and do your best to really sell it. Push the Mushroom Kingdom’s style to its limits!

Most Creative Solutions

Mario Maker’s tools don’t need to be taken at face value. Yoshi can be a trusted steed or a disposable item to give you an extra jump. A mushroom can be an empowering transformation in the face of danger or an impassable roadblock in a narrow corridor. Come up with unique and unexpected ways to use the different elements of Mario games to turn series conventions on their heads!

Submit your levels through this Google form. You can update your entry to make changes to your level at any time until submissions close, but only one level will be accepted per person. You will need to be logged into a Google account to verify your submission.

Levels will be accepted until 3:00am EST on Saturday, July 6th. You’ve got one week from release day to build your perfect level!

Happy building!

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