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DS has a "Secret" Port and May Come in Colors

by Mike Sklens - August 23, 2004, 12:28 pm PDT
Total comments: 39 Source: Nintendo Dream / Gamespot

Let the speculation begin...

According the an interview with Mitsuaki Hagiwara in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, the Nintendo DS includes a port which Nintendo has not yet commented on a use for. The small square port is located on the lower right side of the unit, next to the headphone port. Higiwara said that the hole is not to hold the stylus (this slot is on the back of the DS) and that the purpose of this port will be revealed at a later date.

Higiwara also mentioned that Nintendo is considering releasing the DS in multiple colors. There are no details as to specific color schemes yet, but all the DS systems will be two-toned. Higiwara said that if Nintendo does release the DS in multiple colors, they would appeal to every region of the world, as the system is being released at almost the same time worldwide.


ZachAugust 23, 2004

Another feature yet to be revealed? Quite a mystery indeed.

As for the colors, I hope this doesnt turn out like the spice (orange) gamecube that only released in japan. I really wanted one of those. Anyway Nintendo had better come up with some really neat color schemes.

Ian SaneAugust 23, 2004

I think it's likely that, like the ports on the bottom of all Nintendo consoles, this port exists for future expansion and there may not be a specific plan for it right now. Gameboys always had the link port for expansion but since this uses wireless connections they need a seperate port.

animexAugust 23, 2004

duh, its the mic jack like those cell phones so u can use a headset or something

JBAugust 23, 2004

Huh, since when is it being released nearly simultaneously around the world? Europe isn't going to get it at until at least three months after the US and Japan.

Squiggles the ChaoAugust 23, 2004

Well, Europe isn't a part of Nintendo's World. You should know that.

Guitar SmasherAugust 23, 2004

All colours will be two-toned? I want an all-black system!

ssj4_androidAugust 23, 2004

Perhaps it's an ethernet port? That would kind of deafeat the whole portability thing though. Maybe it's a GBA link cable port. Is there a picture?

Bill AurionAugust 23, 2004

Wow, like we wouldn't have been able to guess that the DS will come in different colors... ^_^,

(Is there a point for an ethernet port when the system is wireless? I wouldn't bet on it being a GBA Link slot either, as the DS will probably only interact with GBAs with the wireless adapter...Mic port? Why? The mic is already built in...I'm guessing, if anything at all , it will be used for a future peripheral)

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 23, 2004

It will hookup to a device to measure your blood-alcohol level.

odifiendAugust 23, 2004

"Is there a point for an ethernet port when the system is wireless?"
Laptops haveethernet ports and many use wifi... They're portable. An ethernet port is just a more reliable (and faster) connection. Still I have my doubts that this is what the mystery port is. My gut feeling is that it will be the the connection between the DS and Revolution.

Perfect CellAugust 23, 2004

IT wont be used... like every Nintendo system they add all sorts of ports and doodads... and they dont use all of them...

odifiendAugust 23, 2004

But when's the last time a portable system has wasted a port? Nintendo took the progressive scan port out of the GCN, I can't imagine then letting ports go to waste on a system they'll ship millions of.

kirby_killer_dededeAugust 23, 2004

Actually, when you see the direct quote that Mr Hagiwara made, he revealed something ELSE new...I guess Nintendo thought about the risk of losing the stylus, so the stylus will actually be connected to the system via some sort of wire. Didn't read the comments, don't know if someone already mentioned it.

SylAugust 23, 2004


My gut feeling is that it will be the the connection between the DS and Revolution.

I'm hoping it'll be able to do that with the built in wifi or bluetooth, no reason to throw a wire in now.

Ethernet port makes sense, but that would hardly be anything to hide from the public, i'm betting this is for some of those extra peripherals... Maybe a DS camera? (I would love that, GBcamera was so fun)

Bill AurionAugust 23, 2004

Here is what it looks like for those too lazy to find a pic of their own... ^_^

ssj4_androidAugust 23, 2004

Well, it's definentally not ethernet or standard usb. I don't have a GBASP, could that be the same port used by the gbasp headphones? EDIT: I guess not, since the GBASP headphone adapter goes into the power port, which was already known that the DS uses the same kind.

ssj4_androidAugust 23, 2004

It looks to be around the same size as the GBA link cable plug, only square. I wouldn't be surprised if they used it to hook up to cellphones and stuff.

NinGurl69 *hugglesAugust 23, 2004

The mad love-making port.

EricEnderAugust 23, 2004

maybe a mini(4-pin) firewire port but it looks too dark on the image

for those of you who have hard drive mp3 players ... the location of the port and the headphones it's kinda like something for a "remote" or something that has already been said, it might be for a headset

Kirby_PopStarAugust 23, 2004

Why would they attach the stylyus by a wire? That would be so obnoxious to have... x_x I'd MUCH rather it be un-attached, like at E3... (I was able to "accidently" take one because it wasn't attached. XD)

MarioAllStarAugust 23, 2004

I enhanced the brightness/contrast on the image, for those of you having difficulty seeing the port. LINK

As for the stylus attached, I'd much rather have it have a little hole to put it in that "clicks" it in.

FamicomAugust 23, 2004

It's funny they make mention of globally appealing colors. I suppose we won't be seeing an indigo scheme? face-icon-small-smile.gif

Kirby_PopStarAugust 23, 2004

Maybe the comment was misunderstood, and the stylus can be attached and detached? That would really be a lot nicer... I'd hate for some stupid little wire to get in the way of game play, or make it look stupid while playing. -_-;

NephilimAugust 23, 2004

Ariel booster
link connection port for the 4th generation machine
ect ect.

babaloulouAugust 23, 2004


ZachAugust 23, 2004

do you think it is possible that the port is something to hook up to your tv so when your at home you can play on the big screen, and use less battery?

EricEnderAugust 23, 2004

link connection to the next gen console isn't likely... the position of the port is at the bottom right, I think that would make handling the DS awkward ... wouldn't it?

KnoxxvilleAugust 23, 2004

.....I HATE two-tone.....do they all HAVE to be TWO-TONE?


mmortal03August 23, 2004

I'm sure it is just something similar to the Minidisc-type remote/headphone pass-through port that many cd players use these days. Here is a link to more info:


BlkPaladinAugust 23, 2004

It looks about the size of a Firewire port.

My guess is something in the form of a memory port, since this thing might be going on the internet they left some room for someplace to store data besides the "cart".

The only other thing comes to mind, and the likely reason it right next to the headset port is that it is for a full headset, with mic for louder areas so you voice doesn't get drowned out reducing the need to yell.

KDR_11kAugust 23, 2004

It's one of those japanese secret technologies: If you combine six future Nintendo systems they will transform into a giant robot that fights aliens and stuff!

Seriously, I'm thinking peripherial attachment port (camera, etc) or maybe the opening for the mic. Maybe it comes with an adapter for the GBA link cables. Doublescreened FFCC controllers! YAY!

Though it DOES look like it belongs to the headphone jack, but there's no meaningful way a remote control could be used on the system...

Shift KeyAugust 23, 2004

It actually looks a lot like the plug on many Sony discmans. The circular part is for the headphones, and the square part is for the controls built into the cord. The headphones can be used without using the square port.
Do we know where the microphone is believed to be connected, because this could be where a headset is used ... (with the voice input going into the square port and the sound output coming from the headphone plug)

Bill AurionAugust 23, 2004

The mic is on the face of the system if you look closely...

YenRugAugust 23, 2004

It is looking almost certainly to be the Mic port for a headset rig, from a Cube-Europe forums post:


and corresponding to the number 24 in the DS-manual:
24. Headphone / MIC. Connector

sorry to spoil the fun mate

(Why doesn't this forum support images?)

Bill AurionAugust 23, 2004

So you don't direct-link...

Shift KeyAugust 23, 2004


The mic is on the face of the system if you look closely...
That little hole? PASS. I'd rather not have to have to be yelling at that hole or having to hold the DS right in front of my eyes while speaking, because that'd be the only way to get any decipherable noise to the game.
I'll stick to the headset idea, because any device that uses the mystery jack has got to be connected to the same cable as the headphones.

kirby_killer_dededeAugust 24, 2004


Originally posted by: Knoxxville
.....I HATE two-tone.....do they all HAVE to be TWO-TONE?


I think all-black would be better, but the only one I see not being considered "two-tone" is the one shown (platinum w/ black...but the gba/gbc was like that 2, with black in the middle; I imagine a lot will just have black in the middle).

nickmitchAugust 24, 2004

Red with black buttons would be good. . .
And about that port, it's where you jack in your net navi.face-icon-small-wink.gif

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