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Pikmin 2 to Support the e-Card Reader?

by Michael Cole - March 18, 2004, 10:51 am EST
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Pikmin 2’s boxart may hint at a previously undisclosed feature…

A rather interesting logo can be seen on Pikmin 2’s Japanese boxart on the bottom right:

Japanese Pikmin 2 Boxart

The logo resembles a GBA with an e-Reader attached to a GameCube. Nintendo has yet to comment on the game’s e-Reader support, but potential uses range from unlocking or uploading special items to new game maps. (Pikmin 2 featured a random game map generator at E3 2003 in cooperative mode.) Nintendo will most likely disclose details on Pikmin 2 and its e-Reader cards during E3 2004 in May.


Bill AurionMarch 18, 2004

I crave more Pikmin... face-icon-small-cool.gif

Ian SaneMarch 18, 2004

I don't own an e-Reader and I never will. It's a gimmicky accessory that so far has not demonstrated any real use. While the GBA linkup HAD to be used for some games because of the second screen the e-Reader is from a practical point of view completely useless. Anything that can be scanned from a card could have been in the game in the first place.

So naturally I'm going to be pretty pissed if I don't get the "full" Pikmin 2 experience because I don't want to buy an e-Reader. Any e-card stuff in Pikmin 2 better be REALLY minor. If they leave out whole levels because of this crap I'm going to be extrememly pissed off.

CalicoRabbitMarch 18, 2004

Ian Sane:
I understand your viewpoint in most cases but this is a little different.
If Nintendo is able to add on levels that are not originaly in the game then I would think it would be worth it.

It's not that they are leaving out levels, rather they are making more after the game is released and making them available much like an expnasion pack, only cheaper.

What would be even cooler is if users could make their own cards with levels on them and trade them.


Bill AurionMarch 18, 2004

I have an E-reader(which I enjoy, by the way) so I guess it wouldn't hurt me if Ninty gave those of us with one extra stages... face-icon-small-cool.gif

Oh please please please please!

Random game maps for multi-player co-op? Any game that includes a co-op mode is immediately twice as alluring to purchase for me!

Oh, and the E-Reader usually IS a gimmick when it isn't being used to expand the game beyond it's original capabilities. Hopefully that's not the case here!

Carmine M. Red

MarioMarch 18, 2004

Oh crap. Now i'm gonna have to get myself an e-reader. Thanks a lot Nintendo.

cubedcinder128March 18, 2004

Expandability is good most of the time. PC gamers can relate with me on this. Let's hope this will hold true for the game's U.S. release. I've always believed from the beginning that the e-Reader can unlock a lot of potential if used properly. Just look at Super Mario Bros. 3 for the GBA. The mere fact that you can add new levels, and sometimes new powerups, is good enough to add just a little more life to an already spectactular game.

It's just a matter of when Nintendo will ever stop and realize just the kind of potential they may be leaving locked as a result of keeping the e-Reader on the backburner (considering there hasn't been a major release since the SMB3 and Pokemon Battle cards in October 2003).

joshnickersonMarch 18, 2004

Despite the fact a lot of people whine about the e-Reader, I think the entire idea is a good one and would like to see more games have this kind of feature. I just wish Nintendo would put more effort behind it though. Uploading new levels or maps from cards is very nifty; just ask my friends who keep asking to borrow my SMB3 level e-cards. Instead of downloading something from the internet, you just go out and buy a pack of cards for a few bucks, which you can then share with your friends. Not to mention it's cool to show off your collection. face-icon-small-smile.gif

DjunknownMarch 18, 2004

I agree with Ian. I refuse to pick up an accessory that has even more limited use than GBA-GCN connectivity. As much as I'd love to pick one up for SMB3, I'd be essentially be paying 40 dollars for ten levels and powerups. C'mon now; I may be gulliable enough to buy the Mario re-releases (yeah yeah, they've been 'tweaked' but who are you fooling?) individually, but not this.

I do have my eye on pikmin 2 regardless, since the original shows so much promise.

I think the e-Reader has not been used very well to enhance GameCube titles. To me, it is clearly best suited for Pokemon, so you can combine the card game and the video game. Why isn't there a Pokemon Card Game simulation for GBA that lets you scan in your real Pokemon TCG cards and thus obtain them in the game? Well, one obvious reason is that the e-Reader has no cartridge pass-through, which was a huge design oversight that has ultimately limited the device to the most basic gimmick functions. The basic concept of implementing a cheap data storage option, especially on trading cards, is a fine and novel idea. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to develop the hardware to make it really useful. I think a lot of us would like to see a small unit that would let you create your own e-cards, as well.

Bill AurionMarch 19, 2004

"Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to develop the hardware to make it really useful"

I think Ninty has already taken that into account for next generation... face-icon-small-cool.gif

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