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Game Boy Advance

e-Reader and e-Reader Cards

The e-Reader allows you to swipe special e-Reader cards that can send 3.6 kilobytes of information to the GBA. It can also connect to the GameCube, via the GC-GBA cable, a feature that was not present in the Japanese versions. Using "Dot-Code Technology," users can swipe the two encoded sides of trading cards through the device's card slot, and depending on the card you swipe, or the types of games you have hooked up to it, it can unlock things or enhance games on both systems. The device will MSRP at $39.95.

e-Reader cards will be avaible in packs ranging from $1.99-$2.99. They include Pokémon-e trading card game cards, which will be just like regular Pokémon cards, with the added dot codes on two sides. Animal Crossing cards are also planned. Game and Watch cards are on the horizon too, with each card able to carry an entire original Game and Watch game. The cards are expected to release along side the e-Reader, with more series planned in the future.

Developer Olympus Optical

Worldwide Releases

na: e-Reader and e-Reader Cards
Release Sep 16, 2002
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