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UK Campaign for Cheaper Videogames

by Rick Powers - September 30, 2002, 4:49 pm PDT
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If you think games cost too much, Fair Play wants you to stop buying games for the week 1st December to 8th December.

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Everyone cringes when it comes time to buy a new game. £40-£45 ($70US) is always hard to stomach, even for the well off. Video games have traditionally been viewed as a kid's hobby, so why have the prices skyrocketed past what most kids earn in allowance or odd jobs? The Fair Play campaign aims to fix that.

The campaign, based in the UK and headed by a number of industry professionals and concerned consumers, aims to cut the price of videogames and draw attention to the problems they see with the current cost at which they are sold.

Their largest argument is pointing towards the initial failure of the Xbox to sell in quanity at its intial launch price in the UK. Microsoft was forced to make two rapid price cuts in order to gain any traction in the market. Fair Play points to this as their concept in action.

The first initiative planned is a boycott of buying games for one week. They believe that much like the Xbox's failed launch, that consumer power will demonstrate that prices cannot be kept as they are for much longer. And the way to do that is to directly impact company bottom lines.

There is a wealth of information including more facts and figures, opinions from developers and details of how you can help on the Fair Play campaign website.

Karlie Yeung collaborated on this news item.

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