F-Zero: the press release

by David Trammell - March 28, 2002, 7:32 pm PST

The official press release actually clarifies a few things and offers some new information. You know you want it.

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In a nutshell, the press release explicitly states the following: The Triforce arcade game and GameCube game will link by using the Memory Card 59; Amusement Vision (who did the excellent Super Monkey Ball) will develop both games under Nintendo's supervision; Sega will publish the arcade game; Nintendo will publish the GameCube game; both games should be demonstrated at E3 and finally, Amusement Vision apparently initiated the game by their interest in making an arcade title that linked with the a home version.



New Game System to Integrate F-ZERO Arcade and Console Entertainment

March 28, 2002 - Tokyo, Japan – SEGA® Corporation and Nintendo Co., Ltd. today announced

that the two companies have teamed up to develop “F-Zero (working title)” video game titles for

the next-generation 3D-CG Triforce arcade board and the Nintendo GameCube™. As part of the

agreement, SEGA and Nintendo will collaborate on the projects using a new game system that

will enable the arcade and console games to interact via “Memory Card 59.” The announcement

builds off the previously announced alliance between SEGA and Nintendo on February 18, 2002

to develop the Triforce arcade board and reinforces the companies’ strategies to integrate arcade

and home console entertainment.

Under the agreement, SEGA and Nintendo will co-develop two new video game titles -

“F-ZERO AC (working title)” for the arcade and “F-ZERO GC (working title)” for Nintendo

GameCube. AMUSEMENT VISION, LTD, a SEGA Studio, will develop the “F-ZERO” games

under the supervision of Nintendo. “F-ZERO AC (working title)” will be published by SEGA

and “F-ZERO GC (working title)” will be published by Nintendo. “F-ZERO” titles will be

unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and released in late 2002. The Triforce

board and Nintendo GameCube are based on the same architecture, and they will be interfaced

through the special peripheral, “Memory Card 59.”

This joint project originated from AMUSEMENT VISION, which had a vision to create

an arcade game that could interact with the Nintendo GameCube. SEGA and Nintendo have now

come together to make this joint project a reality.

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About SEGA

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About Nintendo

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