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Die Hard Developer Interview

by Steven Rodriguez - February 26, 2002, 12:18 pm PST
Source: Computer and Videogames

Bits Studios goes under the microscope, revealing more for this GCN exclusive.

The European mag talked with the developer a bit, uncovering a lot about effects, story, and other things. Here's a slice of it, but be sure to click the link to the rest of the pie.

Anything you can tell us about multiplayer features?

Aguera - There's nothing I can say that's confirmed. We have many ideas which we're experimenting with at the moment, but at this stage I can't say what's going to happen or what isn't going to happen.

[demonstrates ripple effect on screen]

This is all stuff we're specifically doing for GameCube. Basically, I haven't seen that in any other game. Water plays a part in the game later on, and that's looking pretty spectacular as well.

What are your views on the GameCube hardware?

Aguera - The N64 wasn't easy to work with, but when Nintendo first came to talk to developers it said it was going to correct a lot of the problems. We started off with the emulator before we received the hardware and it ported across painlessly. I really like the hardware, and at the moment we've really only scratched the surface with the rendering effects that we can do - we've got many more things planned.

There's a lot more to be had then that. Get over there!

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