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Kyojin no Doshin & SD Memory Cards? 'Fraid not..

by Tonkatsu Chikara - January 31, 2002, 1:04 am PST
Source: GameCube Inside

Rumors that Kyojin no Doshin would coincide with the launch of the SD Memory Card have been proven false by Nintendo recently.

Rumors have been flying recently regarding the March release of Kyojin no Doshin (sometimes referred to as Doshin the Giant) for the Nintendo GameCube and its possible connection with Matsushita’s long awaited SD Memory Card. However, although many had hoped that Kyojin no Doshin would be released alongside the SD Memory Card, a recent Nintendo conference explained that it would work with the standard Memory Card 59.

The largest indicator that pointed to a simultaneous debut for both Doshin and the SD Memory Card was the sheer amount of memory capacity the game will require. When it first appeared on the 64DD, Kyojin no Doshin was remarkable for its large, highly changeable worlds and detailed gameplay, both perfect for the writable DD media. However, now that it’s coming to the GameCube, some are worried about the limited capacity of the Memory Card 59 and problems it could present.

However, for reasons as yet unknown to us mortals, Nintendo has devised a solution: Kyojin no Doshin data will be stored on your Memory Card 59, and require 20, count ‘em 20, blocks. The fate and future of the SD Memory card remains to be seen.

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