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Rare sends the oddest thing for Christmas ...

by Rick Powers - December 19, 2001, 6:25 pm PST
Source: Games Radar

The Internet is all abuzz about what the company Christmas card sent by Rare is all about ...

Games Radar has gotten a hold of Rareware's company Christmas card, and it's set the 'Net on fire with what it could possibly mean. All we know for sure are the facts.

The card is a take on the classic "Twelve Days of Christmas" theme, starting with "4 elements of power." The art is a pretty clear indicator of an upcoming GameCube title, "Kameo: Elements of Power."

The second panel, "3 wulf tracks", is for the upcoming SabreWulf Game Boy Advance title.

Sure to appeal to everyone waiting for more news, the third panel is "2 perfect shots" and sports a picture of Joanna Dark.

This last panel, however, is what really has everyone talking:

... and surprises under every tree

This last panel has the "Mr. Pants" character putting presents under a tree. The presents appear to be a GameCube, a Game Boy Advance ...

... along with an X-Box and PS2. There's also an odd fifth present, possible a different handheld or even a cellular phone.

Below and to the sides of the Rare logo, there are fuzzy images of something, but either this is a bad scan or something has been edited out. Probably the signatures from the Rare higher-ups.

We're trying our damnedest to get ahold of Rare and find out what the skinny is (not to mention getting on their Christmas card list). If we can get anything out of those cagey Brits, or if we can get a better scan, we'll be sure to post it here.

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