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Atari Acquires Developer Digital Eclipse

by Donald Theriault - October 31, 2023, 9:09 am EDT
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Several orders of magnitude below Microsoft/ABK, but possibly as damaging.

After dabbling in hotels and cryptocurrency, Atari appears to be re-focusing on games again - as evidenced by an acquisition of the developer of one of their best-received products.

Digital Eclipse, the game historian developer behind 2022's Atari 50 and this years The Making of Karateka, have been acquired by Atari. The deal will cost Atari up to US$20m.

In an FAQ posted on their website, Digital Eclipse confirmed that existing products (such as a remake of the original Wizardry released into Steam Early Access) and unannounced projects would not be affected.


M.K.UltraNovember 05, 2023

I really enjoyed Atari 50. Not just the museum style interface, but the updated versions of games like Yar's revenge. If that is what Digital Eclipse focuses on, that is great, but who will make all the great compilations for Capcom and Konami?  ???

Luigi DudeNovember 05, 2023

Since several of Digital Eclipse game Collections they've made for Capcom and Konami have managed to be million sellers, you'd have to imagine Atari would still allow them to work with other third party publishers on other retro game collections.

I mean that would be rather weird for Atari to buy a company like Digital Eclipse and not let them keep working on the kind of things that made them famous in the first place.  But then again Atari has a very long history of making bad decisions so yeah, this could go either way.  :-\

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