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Standing in Line Mini-Update

by Justin Nation - September 13, 2001, 9:28 am EDT

Stories of the 'Crazy Billy' will no doubt spread further as Billy sits through the final 6 hours...

Just got off the phone with Billy and while he still has another 6 hours to go he said his mood has been improving. Now, with the line up to 12 people, it seems everyone is kicking back and linking up with some Gameboy Advance action to pass the time.

Another thing of note, through our old N64HQ buddy Yutaka, Billy found out that when it was official that he was staying in Japan for launch a few Japanese sites put up headlines to the effect of "Crazy Billy Stays in Japan"... something for a good laugh. For a bit of extra exposure though in addition to having an interview scheduled for the BBC Billy is now apparently going to be featured in both Famitsu and 64 Dream magazines as one of the die hards who sat out for the Nintendo launch. Business cards were exchanged, butts were kissed, broken English was exchanged, and a good time was had by all... we knew Billy was good for something.

Now with not as long to go it seems the weather is clearing up and Billy surmises that within the next 3 hours more activity should start shaking up as daylight begins to peak out.

One additional note, Billy won't have to wait till he gets home (to a very peeved Louie apparently) to play his GameCube. In his modest motel (you know, the ones with closet like rooms) they have a communal TV and the people on his floor from all over not only will allow but seem to expect him to hook up his GameCube for some heavy gaming. Looks like Wave Race and Monkey Ball will be getting the earliest work-outs.

More as Billy sends it along in the coming hours...

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