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Infogrames Nabs Ah-nold

by Jonathan Metts - July 5, 2001, 9:13 pm PDT
Source: Infogrames Press Release

The gigantic European-based publisher has acquired the rights to make games for the first two Terminator movies.

Infogrames announced today that it now has the Terminator I & II license, and there are currently four games underway based on the two films. The first one is being developed internally at Infogrames and is due in spring 2002.

The licensing agreement allows for the games to be published on any next-gen consoles, as well as PC and Mac. It apparently does not entitle Infogrames to dibs on the third Terminator movie, which has been in the works for ages but is reportedly moving forward now.

Can you expect to be playing Terminator games on your GameCube next year? It's really hard to say. Although Infogrames is a strong Nintendo supporter, and they have already confirmed many GameCube projects, they also consider the system to be geared mainly towards kids (as proven in past interviews). The console Terminator games will probably go to PS2 and Xbox first, with GameCube versions evaluated later.

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