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Raven Blade still underway!

by Max Lake - June 23, 2001, 2:09 am PDT

Has Raven Blade been cancelled? Maybe not… You can’t always believe the rumor mill it seems. PGC comes to the rescue once again to set the record straight!

We recently posted a story mentioning concerning a Fatbabies rumor suggesting Retro’s RPG, Raven Blade was now cancelled with teams being moved over to Metroid.

We have heard from a very secret source that happens to know quite a bit of what is going on with Retro. The source indicated some (though not all) of the information surfacing on the web concerning Retro was inaccurate. Namely, the rumor that Raven Blade was being cancelled is a load a malarkey. Raven Blade is alive and well and Retro are reportedly still working on it.

Where the Fatbabies report came from is uncertain, though seeing as Nintendo showed off Raven Blade in video form, one would think Nintendo is doing nothing but supporting this promising title.

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