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The sweet sound of the GBA Vol. #1

by Billy Berghammer - May 2, 2001, 12:32 am EDT

Billy has transformed into Macguyver! He took a Mr. Microphone, duct tape, a Commodore 64 (word), a gum wrapper, and a GBA and mix mastered a few GBA tunes and stuff for you!

I've jacked my GBA into my Commodore and recorded a couple music delights and

some in game sound footage to give you a better idea of how good the sound

is. This is volume #1 of a few sound demonstrations I'd like to do with

some of the import games I've got. All mp3ed for you! Here's the

first menu for you audiophiles....

GBA Powering On :

(25.7 KB) The Sound you'll hear quite often. A good sound. A happy sound!

F-Zero - Intro

: (452 KB) Here's the entire intro to F-Zero. Fire this up, and then go turn

on your SNES. Heh.

F-Zero - In Game : (1.17 MB) Here's my sort of sleeping in a single player race in Bishop on Expert. Basically

I'm getting schooled and letting you hear the sound effects. Or something

like that.

Mario Advance -

Intro Music : (562 KB) I personally could never get enough of Mario music. I

would give anything for a box set. I am being totally serious.

Mario Advance - In Game

: (1.19 MB) I've used every player and given you a taste of a little bit of the different

voices on Mario Advance. More on this later.

Mr. Driller - Intro

Sequence : (546 KB) More voice than all of the N64 games that came out in the first 6

months combined. And how big are these carts?

Mr. Driller - In Game

: (621 KB) Cute...Quirky...Um, it's a puzzle game. Good enough for me!

More tunes and audio demonstrations coming soon! Have any GBA Audio

Requests? Let me know!

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