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No Warcraft III for Consoles?

by Jonathan Metts - March 5, 2001, 9:25 am EST
Source: http://www.zone.ru

Blizzard's Bill Roper makes a disheartening comment for those hoping to play Warcraft III on GameCube.

Bad news for all you Blizzard fans: for now, the company is saying that there will be no console versions of the upcoming Warcraft III. In an interview with the Russian site www.zone.ru, Blizzard's Bill Roper made this comment:

I don’t think we will make Warcraft3 available for consoles, this is not our approach. We released Starcraft on Nintendo 64, and it’s proven to be kind of useless due to input devices of consoles. Not many people enjoyed the gaming experience.
Of course he ignores the fact that Starcraft 64 came out a ridiculous two years after the original PC version, but that's in the past. ;-) Roper's comment is definitely disappointing, but perhaps the advent of mice and keyboards for the next-gen systems will change his company's mind about console versions. Also, thanks to FGN Online for leading us to this info.

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