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GBA Sound Demo Released!

by Ed Shih - February 3, 2001, 9:59 am EST
Source: TendoProject.com

The makers of Iridion 3-D show us what the GBA can do on the sound front.

An little known company out of German know as Shin'en, who is also developing Iridion 3-D, has released a demo of Game Boy Advance audio. The demo is running on the GAX audio software they have developed for the GBA. The demo mp3 they've released is super bombad impressive. It sounds truly epic and could find its way into any RPG soundtrack. If this is what GBA games will truly sound like then there will be no stopping the tiny wonder. According to Shin'en's project manager Manfred Linzner:

"The music mixes plain samples and realtime sythesized instruments. So this complete music with all data and samples fits into 49KB. Imagine how much of this music you can have in a 4MB ROM. The music was also done in a way that still enough CPU time is available to have a decent game running at the same time... good quality GBA music is a bit CPU-intensive."

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