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5 Launch Games From Retro Studios?

by Billy Berghammer - September 18, 1999, 9:35 am PDT
Source: IGN 64

Retro is rumored to be working on five launch titles for the Dolphin.

Someone give me a hell yeah! And did I mention one of those games is an RPG? Woah nellie, this is really nice weekend news. And this would have been up earlier but I worked 12 hours yesterday, and I needed sleep. IGN64 has the stuff.

IGN64 has learned that developer Retro Studios is currently underway with five games for Nintendo's next-generation console and that all of them are scheduled to debut with the launch of the system. Any Nintendo 64 owner who has been following Retro's rise over the last year knows that the Nintendo funded firm has been called upon to serve up a good helping of Dolphin's first-generation sports library. This fact is solidified all the more on the company's own website, which is currently calling for "sports game designers" among other positions.

Rumors surfaced months back that the Texas-based software house, headed by Iguana Entertainment founder and former president Jeff Spangenberg, was also in the works with a genre of title that could easily be considered a direct contrast to its sporting line-up: an RPG. Up until recently this information has been confined to rumors. However, a source very close to Retro Studios recently spoke with IGN64 about the subject and confirmed once and for all that the developer is most definitely creating an RPG for Dolphin -- and it's evidently progressing at a rapid pace.

The same anonymous source we talked with reaffirmed another, far more nasty rumor that has failed to go away -- a Dolphin delay until 2001. Evidently developers, including Retro, are creating software for Nintendo's next-generation console on early specifications and good faith. Internally, though, Retro is unconvinced that Nintendo will be able to meet its projected release date for Dolphin.

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