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LucasArts: Official

by Kevin Ries - December 9, 1999, 6:11 pm PST
Source: NintendoExpress

NintendoExpress uncovers a vital clue, proving without a doubt that LucasArts will be providing software for Dolphin

Nintendo Express reports that LucasArts has jumped onboard the Dolphin wagon, which means good news for all the Star Wars fans out there. Here's the full story:

On their website, LucasArts has listed an opening for a new Nintendo Senior Programmer. While this, in its own right, isn't anything newsworthy, it what was listed under "Major Responsibilities" that took us by suprise. Listed at the tip top of the list were these words.

"Develop games for the next generation Nintendo console."

There you have it, the first confirmation that LucasArts will be developing games for the Dolphin. Previously there had been murmurings that LucasArts was investigating the system, but this comes as first, solid proof, of actual plans for the system. For those of you thinking they may be referring to the Game Boy: Advance, the key word there is console. Of course, other questions remain, such as has LucasArts already recieved its development kit, and if not, how far has development progressed? It seems likely that without a Senior Programmer the game is still in the early planning stages.

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