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Op.Systems Engineer Needed

by Kosta Andreadis - December 14, 1999, 7:21 pm PST
Source: NOA Homepage

Do you got dem smart brains? Are you a programmar SMARTY MAN? DO YOU SI WANT TO WORK ATA NINTENDO?! (OK, Jeff K imitations aside, this is a real opportunity!)

Nintendo of America has recently put up an advert at their main site offering positions to some lucky technology know-how equipped people, giving the chance to be working on the Dolphin! Well if that gets you excited and if your also qualified for the position there's also a job opening at PlanetN2000 for a "Nintendo Insider Leaking Agent". Details below...

Would you like to be a part of the next generation Nintendo Dolphin project? Would you like to be a part of the cutting edge of game technology?

Work as part of a small development team at Nintendo. This casual, creative, cerebral group is hard at work on the designs that will set the pace for the game industry. Must be a team player!

We are looking for someone with an impressive academic background in computer engineering or electrical engineering. You have worked with Real Time Embedded OS systems such as Windriver, VRTX or PSOS. You have experience with in-circuit emulators (ICES), Background Debuggers or Logic Analyzers. You are expert with Intel x86 or Motorola 68xxx processors. You have worked with MIPS processors in your career.

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