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So What is Thunderbirds?

by Kosta Andreadis - December 14, 1999, 8:57 pm PST
Source: FGN Online

"Calling Thunderbirds!" THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! Guess what? A game based on an action puppet show from years back is heading to Dolphin!

FGN Online reports that Thunderbirds will be a new game developed for the next generation Consoles. So what the hell is it? Well it's not a Jet Simulator if that's what you are thinking. This is possibly looking more like a space adventure/shooter/rpg. This could be really interesting! Thunderbirds is a 32 part series developed by Gerry Anderson. This is what TV21 (a Gerry Anderson Fan Site) has to say about our new friend Gerry...

Gerry Anderson is a British producer who was to British TV in the 60's what Walt Disney was to U.S. TV in the 50's--THE purveyor of children's television. As the children of the 60's grew up, so did Gerry's programming, with more adult puppet shows and live-action dramas to appeal to his maturing audience. Though he may have appeared to go out of style in certain areas of the world, pockets of Anderson fandom have always existed worldwide (THUNDERBIRDS is one of Japanese television's most popular shows ever, for example). With the recent showings of most of the Anderson library on the BBC and U.S. showings of THUNDERBIRDS on FOX, runs of SPACE:1999, UFO, CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS, STINGRAY, and TERRAHAWKS on The Sci-Fi Channel, a newly-recut and redubbed version of THUNDERBIRDS called TURBOCHARGED THUNDERBIRDS running in syndication, and the syndicated live-action show SPACE PRECINCT, Anderson is enjoying a revival of sorts. Anderson's first partner was Arthur Provis, with whom he founded APFilms Ltd. and produced all the work up to THUNDERBIRDS. Most of Anderson's 60's and 70's shows were co-produced with his now-ex-wife, Sylvia Anderson (nee Thamm); in recent years, Anderson has teamed with Christopher Burr, John Needham, and Roger Lefkon.

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