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So how cold is Hell?

by Billy Berghammer - December 21, 1999, 12:13 pm PST

Looks like that recent Factor 5 interview we told you about was just a sham. Lame!

Figures. Put up a story that's on NintendoNext and it's bullsh$#. Typical. The one FINAL time I gave NN a chance and they choke. Never again. I apologize to you the readers for lowering my defenses. I am turning my BS detector back on full. This is the e-mail I got from Mr. Duck. You silly punk ass.

Hi Billy,

I appreciate you posting a story about the interview, but should inform you that it turns out Factor 5 was never interviewed, and they are going after the guy that gave me the interview. There have been many other online and magazine publications that have been tricked by this guy, and I think they're finally going to get him.

Just letting you know.


Donald Allen

Editor - NintendoNext


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